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Grades 5/6 Friday 15th May

Reading For today’s task – please refer back to your ‘Friday – Video Project’ page in your OneNote that you started last week. You should have planned 2 different ideas and have filled out the tables accordingly. If you have... Read More

Grade 5/6 Thursday 14th May

Reading Follow the link above to watch a BTN on ”Screen time”. Have your English book open/split screen ready and take notes on all of the important information that’s covered throughout the story. Remember to take notes in dot... Read More

Grade 5 Week 5 STEAM

Origami in Engineering and Design Learning intention understand how origami techniques can be applied to engineering and design An awareness that all folding techniques are made up of either Valley Fold or Mountain Fold Part 1 – How origami inspires... Read More

Grade 5/6 Week 5 Performing Arts

Hi Grade 5s and 6s!Hope you’ve been enjoying the P.A. remote learning activities! Learning Focus: To continue developing confidence, skills and an understanding of Dance and the elements of Dance.  The three elements of Performing Arts- Music, Dance and Drama often... Read More

Grade 5/6 Wednesday 13th May

Reading Task 1 There are 5 stories with questions – please answer all questions in full sentences in your reading tab. Make sure you answer all 4 questions for each one. Crazy Creative Challenges can be completed if you finish... Read More

Grade 5/6 Week 5 Well-being

I am Grateful Learning intention:For students to understand the benefits of gratitude.For students to explore and develop the personal strength of ‘Gratitude’ Our mindfulness for today is ‘Being with all of your experiences’ If you enjoyed this mindfulness clip –... Read More

Grade 5/6 Tuesday 12th May

Reading Task 1 – Watch the video Watch this video first – she’s a bit cheesy but she gives a pretty good summary of how to summarise!! Task 2 – Read the Summarising Poster Read the Summarising poster below and... Read More

Grade 5/6 Monday 11th

Hi Parents, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there. Hope you got spoilt. Here is the overview for Monday, 11th May.Remember, the times are flexible. Your children can work through at their own pace and to a timetable... Read More

Grade 5/6 Week 5 P.E.

Hello grade 5 and 6 students and welcome back to PE with Mr Roberts and Mr M!  Week 5 Focus – Kicking Mr Roberts and Mr M have created a video below for you to watch with activities you can... Read More