Design A Bug Habitat

Learning Intention:

To follow a plan in Computer Aided Design
To use tools and software options and create a protype of a designed solution

Hi Grade 5,

As you know we have been working with the Design Thinking Process, and so far we have completed Empathize, Define and Ideate. We are now working with the stage Prototype, where we build a model of our plan.

Last week you explored the tools and options in Tynkercad. I hope you had a good chance to play and learn what the online program can do. It is now time to create your habitat. Use the drawing you did at the Ideate stage as a guide for your design. I hope to get your designs 3D printed when we get back to school!

For inspiration, see below some images of habitats designed by previous students.

Time to go to your class link. Add your name to enter and start designing what you planned for your bug around the home or garden. It’s OK if you decide to make changes to your plans. That’s what designers might do in real life too. 

Remember to click on Create New Design. I will be able to see all your designs. I’m looking forward to seeing all your Bug Habitat creations.

Grade 5 Kilfoyle

Grade McCluskey

Grade 5 Michaud

Grade 5 Smith

I hope you enjoy designing your habitats in Tynkercad!
Ms Sieira