I can manage my emotions

Let’s start with a little bit of mindfulness. Today we are going to be practice melting to help us to feel calm and relaxed.
Maybe a grown up or another member of your family might like to join in.

Go Noodle: Melting


How do you feel now?

Mindfulness is one of the many ways that can help us calm and manage our emotions. Today we are going to be thinking about using our helpful thinking along with our ways to calm to manage our emotions

Watch the video “When I’m Feeling Angry” below before we get started.
When I’m feeling angry

What can make people feel angry? What makes you feel angry at times?

It is okay to feel angry, but we need to make sure we use of thinking and calming strategies to help us manage our angry feelings.
Sometimes we feel like throwing a tantrum, but we don’t. Sometimes we feel like hitting someone, but we don’t.
These are times we are controlling and managing our angry feelings.

Ask someone you live with to play a game where you take turns making statues that show different emotions – angry, sad, worried, lonely, scared, happy etc.
Can you guess each other’s emotion statues?

Talk about the coloured questions below with a grown up. Look back at your “My Keep Calm” page for ideas.  

  • What can you say to yourself when you are feeling angry? What is one way you can calm yourself when you are angry?
  •  What might you say to yourself when you are feeling sad? What can you do to calm yourself and feel better when you are sad?
  • When you are feeling scared what helpful thinking could you do? What could you do to calm down when you are feeling scared?

Choose one of the above coloured questions, and draw a picture of what you could say and do when you are feeling this way.