Hello Everyone, 

Today we are asking you to submit the Maths task.

Here is today’s learning:

Literacy Learning
Phonics:Learning Intention:
To form all letters correctly, using dotted thirds
To identify and apply silent “e” syllables in simple sentences.
Success Criteria:
I can follow a screencast and form letters correctly on dotted thirds.
I understand the rule of silent “e” and apply it in simple sentences.

MSL structure –
*Sound Pack
*Handwriting (a-m/n-z)
*Focus on previous/new skill
*Application of new skill (Silent “e” syllables)

Activity: Silent “e” syllable board game (See Attachment 1)
This needs to be played with a partner. You need to get the monkey to his banana! When you roll the dice, move the counter. When you land on a word, you need to sound it out and say the word to make sure youReading: 
Learning Intention: 
To analyse how different texts use nouns to represent people, places, things and ideas in particular ways.
Success Criteria:
to be able to find and list Nouns from a text.
Watch the youtube clip of the story

 See Attachment 2

Now watch the screencast for a demonstration of the activity:

Weekend recount
Learning Intention
To write a recount about the weekend.
Success criteria
I can write sentences about my weekend.
I can use a capital letter for the start of a sentence and for names and a full stop/exclamation mark at the end.
Begin by a discussion about what you did on the weekend.
In the lined book provided, write the date.
Proceed to write a recount about the weekend. 
Draw a picture.
Remember to:
Use capital letters and full stops.
Finger spell words and/or write down the sounds you can hear in words.
Write neatly and try your best to stay on the correct lines.
Write as much as you can. 

Numeracy Learning
Maths: (To be submitted)

Oral Counting.Counting forwards and backwards to and from 100 by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.
MONEY.LEARNING INTENTION.We are learning how to identify, recognize and match Australian coins.

SUCCESS CRITERIA.We can identify, recognize and match Australian coins.
ACTIVITY.WORKSHEET. (See Attachment 3)

Hints:Make a rubbing of a 5cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent, $1 and $2 coin onto a piece of white paper.     2. Carefully cut each coin out
     3. Paste each coin into your Maths scrap book.
     4. Neatly write down how much each coin is worth.
100 cents = $1
200 cents = $2
Specialist Learning
Watch: https://youtu.be/ltURieE8rn0
Activity: (See Attachment 4 and attachment 5)