Welcome to Rowellyn Park Primary School

We aim to immerse families in a wholesome primary school journey filled with memorable experiences and challenging opportunities - a place in which children are supported to develop life-long friendships.
We gain the highest level of job satisfaction from helping children become literate and numerate, valuing a hands on approach, with a practical emphasis on how their learning is useful in the 'real world'.
We have built an inclusive culture in which diverse backgrounds are celebrated and individual social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs are met.
As a genuine community with a shared sense of responsibility for the future of our children, we enjoy a unique family feel.

Flexible Groupings

The different learning needs of each student are taken into consideration when teachers plan their teaching and learning programs.  A variety of assessment tools are used to identify areas where students need further work, or are showing greater learning.  Focus groups are created within double classes to help cater for these different learning needs.  The members of each group change depending on the needs of the students and the content being covered.  This makes the learning programs specifically targeted, and much more effective and relevant.
Teachers at Rowellyn Park Primary School use flexible groups within their classroom, double grade and year level, to ensure that the curriculum is delivered and taught to their students at their point of need.

Explicit Instruction

Explicit instruction is a structured, systematic and effective approach for teaching academic skills.  It is unambiguous and direct.  Students are guided through the learning process with clear statements about the purpose and rationale for learning, with clear explanations and directions from the teacher.  The learning proceeds in small steps, with frequent checks for student understanding and students are supported with feedback until mastery is achieved.

Teachers at Rowellyn Park use the elements of explicit instruction to provide a learning program that is targeted to the needs of each individual learner.

Student Wellbeing

Developing the Values of respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Reflection are just as important as developing skills in Literacy and Numeracy.

We use a range of programs to complement the classroom instruction.  In the Senior School, The Resilience Project forms the core of or Wellbeing Program.

In 2018 we welcomed Murphy our Support Dog to work with our students to provide support and comfort when necessary.