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Grade 3/4 Thursday 14th May

Hi Parents / Caregivers and Students,Here are the tasks for Thursday 14th of May.  Today’s task to be submitted is Writing.This can be submitted as a word document, powerpoint or you can upload photos of the completed work. Here is... Read More

Grade 2 Thursday 14th May

Hello Everyone,  Today we are asking you to submit the Maths task. Here is today’s learning: Literacy Learning Reading:Connect To Text Learning Goal:We are learning to make personal connections to texts. Success Criteria:I can make a personal connection with a character or event... Read More

Grade 1 Thursday 14th May

Hello Everyone,  Today we are asking you to submit the Writing task. Here is today’s learning: Literacy Learning Phonics:Learning Intention:To form all letters correctly, using dotted thirdsTo identify and apply words that follow the “floss” rule in simple sentences.Success Criteria:I can follow... Read More

Prep Thursday 14th May

Thursday 14th MayOn Line Forum (Class Meeting through Webex)9.30 – 10amMorning roll/welcome Rules/Expectations – Quick reminder about using hand to show you want to talk/answer a question, thumbs up for understanding etc Parent/Student questions for days Literacy tasks Phonics – Letter “g”... Read More

Grade 6 Week 5 STEAM

Passion Podcasting – Planning Your Podcast This week you will be planning your own 1 to 3 minute podcast on a topic of your choice for a specific target audience. Open a Word Document. Write the heading Passion Podcast Plan.  Follow the... Read More

Grade 5 Week 5 STEAM

Origami in Engineering and Design Learning intention understand how origami techniques can be applied to engineering and design An awareness that all folding techniques are made up of either Valley Fold or Mountain Fold Part 1 – How origami inspires... Read More

Grade 4 Week 5 STEAM

Learning To Code – Express Course Learning Intention: to introduce the concepts of coding and event programming (using block coding). to work through lessons that teach code language to input code that receives output Hi Grade 4, It’s time to... Read More

Grade 3 Week 5 STEAM

Coding With Scratch Learning intentions: To create an account on Scratch in order to explore with coding. To learn the interface of Scratch programming. To discover what block coding is. Hi Grade 3, Last week we learnt that Coding is... Read More

Grade 2 Week 5 Visual Arts

Hello Parents carers and students! I hope you enjoyed last week’s Modigliani activity.  I was very impressed with the portraits and was so happy to see some parents have a go too!  I have started putting some of your work... Read More

Grade 1 Week 5 Visual Art

Hello Parents carers and students!I hope you enjoyed last week’s Miro activity.  I have started putting some of your work up on “Ms Woodbridge’s Wacky World of Art” Facebook page to showcase and share our amazing arty creations!This week we... Read More