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Grade 5/6 Friday 22nd May

Reading For today’s task – please refer back to your ‘Friday – Video Project’ page in your OneNote that you have been working on You should by now have prepared a script for what you are going to say and... Read More

Grade 5/6 Performing Arts

Hi Grade 5s and 6s!Welcome to another fun session of Performing Arts! Main Focus & Learning Intention- to continue to develop knowledge and understanding of Drama and the Elements of Drama. To create a mime performance to a chosen song. 1. Please watch... Read More

Grade 5/6 Thursday 21st May

Reading Task 1: Read the piece about Henry Ford and answer the questions Questions: What is Henry Ford famous for? When was Henry born? What did Henry love when he was young? What is the Author’s purpose for this writing... Read More

Grade 5/6 Week 6 P.E.

Hello grade 5 and 6 students and welcome back to PE with Mr Roberts and Mr M! We are very excited to have everyone returning back to school on the 9th of June! We hope you all are as excited... Read More

Grade 5/6 Wednesday 20th May

Reading Task 1 There are 5 stories with questions – please answer all questions in full sentences in your reading tab. Make sure you answer all 4 questions for each one. Crazy Creative Challenges can be completed if you finish... Read More

Grade 5/6 Tuesday 19th May

Reading Revise Sequencing by watching the clips and reading through the poster: TASK: Open up the TCS book for your level (see CARS levels tab if you are not sure). You will need to read both stories and answer the... Read More

Grade 5/6 Monday 18th May

Inquiry Reading Task Instructions: Step 1: Copy this task into your own OneNote Section. Step 2: Watch the following video Step 3: Answer each of the questions below. Step 4: Use the interactive sites What is an reversible change?... Read More