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Grade 6 Week 3 STEAM

Learning Intention:To develop a plan for a design using a diagram with labels. Hi Grade 6, Welcome to the second lesson in the unit Junk Design Challenge. We will continue to redesign objects that were going into landfill, and give... Read More

Grade 5 & 6 Friday 1st May

Writing Your first task is to make sure your persuasive piece about Families Owning a Pet is complete, read ALL the feedback we gave you and apply it. Make sure it is the best piece of writing you have ever... Read More

Grade 5 & 6 Thurs 30 April

Writing Read through all of the information about writing the conclusion, complete the activities in red as you go.   Your conclusion paragraph will need to start with a conclusion opener, restate the side you are arguing, summarise the arguments in different words and you... Read More

Grade 5 & 6 Wed 29 April

Writing PLEASE FINISH ALL WRITING tasks before moving on to Reading even if it takes longer than the timetable suggests.   Read through all of the information about writing the body paragraphs, complete the activities in red as you go.   Answer the following... Read More

Grade 5 and 6 Tuesday 28 April

Writing An introduction to a persuasive piece should include:  What the issue (topic) is and what side the author is on.  Explain the issue if you need to. For example if it is about public transport you would explain the... Read More

Grade 5 and 6 Well-being

Positive Coping Life as we know it is going to be different for a while and this could lead to stress and worries. Now  more than ever it is important that we think about ways that we can calm and... Read More

Grade 5 and 6 Perf. Arts

Welcome to Week 3 of Performing Arts! Learning Intention- To continue developing our skills/understandings of music rhythms & notation and to create & compose our own.– To have fun! 1. Please watch the introduction video first. 2.Warm Up: Rhythm Drill-Clap along as you follow... Read More

Grade 5 & 6 Week 3 P.E.

Hello Grade 5 and 6 students and welcome back to PE with Mr Roberts and Mr M! AT HOME: This week we want you to dress up in your FAVOURITE SPORTS OUTFIT!AT SCHOOL: If you would like, take your favourite sports top... Read More

Grade 5/6 Monday 27th April

Writing TASK  Use the pictures above to help you brainstorm arguments for and against the issue “All Families Should Own a Pet”. Use the table below to list your arguments in your own OneNote (Remote Learning-Writing-Week 3-Monday)   “All Families Should Own... Read More