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Grade 5/6 Friday 8th May

Reading Today we are introducing a ‘remote learning’ project for you to complete.  This will be done in Friday’s reading sessions over the next few weeks.  Have a read through the poster and have a think about how you would like... Read More

Grade 5/6 Thursday 7th May

Reading—sleep/11703544 Follow the link above to watch a BTN on ”Kids and Sleep”.   Have your English book open/split screen ready and take notes on all of the important information that’s covered throughout the story.   Remember to take notes in dot point... Read More

Grade 5/6 Wednesday 6th May

There are 5 stories with questions – please answer all questions in full sentences in your reading tab. Try your best to get through all of them in the session.  Comprehension task.   Writing TASK 1: Use the pictures above to help you... Read More

Grade 5/6 Tuesday 5th May

Reading Watch the video first  Read the Fact or Opinion poster below to refresh your memory about the difference between a fact and an opinion.   Once you have read it, open up the TCS book for your level. Read both... Read More

Grade 5/6 Week 4 P.E.

Week 4 Focus – Skill Based Activities Mr Roberts and Mr M have created a video below for you to watch with skill based activities you need to complete. These activities just focus on coordination and basic skills such as... Read More

Grade 5/6 Week 4 Perf Arts

Hi Grade 5s and 6s,Welcome to Week 4 of Performing Arts! Learning Intention– To continue to expand our knoweldge, skills and competence in Music.– To get moving and have fun! 1. Please watch my introduction video first.2. Warm Up3. Music Genre... Read More

Grade 5/6 Week 4 Well-being

Learning intention: Students recognise that we need ways to calm our bodies when we feel intense emotions Students practise a calming strategy – mindfulness My Peaceful Place   Remember last time when we had practised a short mindfulness session from Go... Read More

Grade 5/6 Monday 4th May

Day  Maths  Extension Maths  Monday  Tally Charts and Simple pictographs  Line Graphs-with posing questions on bottom Dot Plots   Tuesday  Column/Bar Graphs Posing Questions  Pictographs with more than 1 value  Wednesday  Line Graphs-Posing questions  Side by side graphs-Nic Screencast  Thursday  Pictographs with more... Read More