Hello Everyone, 

Today we are asking you to submit the Phonics task.

Here is today’s learning:

Literacy Learning
Phonics: (To be submitted)Learning Intention:
To form all letters correctly, using dotted thirds
To identify and apply words that follow the “floss” rule in simple sentences.
Success Criteria:I can follow a screencast and form letters correctly on dotted thirds.
I understand the “floss” rule.

MSL structure –
*Sound Pack
*Handwriting (a-m/n-z)*Focus on previous/new skill (Silent “e” syllables”)
*Application of new skill (Floss Rule)
Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luQsSpOvb0I&feature=youtu.be

Activity: Floss Rule Sentence Activity (To be submitted) 

See Attachment 1

You need to read the story from the attachment and follow the instructions.
You need to colour:
Floss rule words: Red
Adjectives: Blue
Punctuation (Capital letters, full stops, questions marks, speech marks): Green

Learning Goal:When reading, I build my knowledge about the topic and learn new vocabulary.

Success Criteria:I can use my knowledge about the topic to create a page to depict all the places you can have a picnic and what you can do on a picnic.

Activity:Watch the youtube of the story Carla’s Sandwich.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-aceEquCtY

Activity: Setting


Watch: https://youtu.be/d6oWjMBv2P8 

Learning Intention
To write a recount about the weekend.
Success criteria
I can write sentences about my weekend.
I can use a capital letter for the start of a sentence and for names and a full stop/exclamation mark at the end.
Activity Begin by a discussion about what you did on the weekend.
In the lined book provided, write the date.Proceed to write a recount about the weekend. Draw a picture.
Remember to:Use capital letters and full stops.
Finger spell words and/or write down the sounds you can hear in words.
Write neatly and try your best to stay on the correct lines.
Write as much as you can.
Numeracy Learning
Learning Intention
We are learning that fractions are part of a whole object or part of a group of objects
Success Criteria
I can recognise that fractions form part of a whole object or part of a group of objects.
First, watch this YouTube video on fractions. It goes for 2 ½ minutes.

Next watch this screencast about how to make your fractions flip book.

See Attachment 2

Here is a summary for parents/caregivers:
Print the fractions flip book.Add some colour to your fractions flip book.Cut around the rectangles carefully.Put the pages into the correct order.Staple (or glue) the top of the pages together.

CHALLENGE: write down some different ways we use fractions or the language of fractions in our lives every day. For example, I drank half a glass of milk. I broke my cookie into quarters to share with my friends. There is a bell half way through lunch play time.
Now it’s time to play a game! This game is about finding the line of symmetry in objects. The line of symmetry divides a shape into identical halves. Not all shapes have a line of symmetry.http://www.scootle.edu.au/ec/viewing/L7800/index.html
Specialist Learning
Inquiry: Bend and Stretch Lesson 4:Watch
See Attachment 3