Hello Everyone, 

Today we are asking you to submit the Writing task.

Here is today’s learning:

Literacy Learning
Phonics:Learning Intention:
To form all letters correctly, using dotted thirds
To identify and apply words that follow the “floss” rule in simple sentences.
Success Criteria:I can follow a screencast and form letters correctly on dotted thirds.
I understand the “floss” rule.

MSL structure –
*Sound Pack
*Handwriting (a-m/n-z)*Focus on previous/new skill (Silent “e” syllables”)
*Application of new skill (Floss Rule)

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqMuWRR2AQk&feature=youtu.be

Sustained reading (10mins): Continue using the same book (you can use Epic/library book/book from home) and read it quietly to yourself. Today we are looking at connections to the story. Write down an experience you have had that was the same in the story. There will be an example in the screencast to help you.

Activity: Connect four with initial blend words (See Attachment 1)
With a partner, choose a game board and play a game of connect four. Each game board has a different range of blends so try to practise with blends you are not very familiar with. To win the game, you need to connect four words either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Reading:Learning Goal: We are learning to identify verbs in a narrative.Success Criteria: Locate verbs and use them in your own sentence.
Activity:Watch the story How to Catch a Starhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3oQcKxE-ck

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3BaNyta-CU&feature=youtu.be

See Attachment 2

Writing: (To be submitted)Grammar Focus: VerbsPunctuation focus: commasWriting focus: Procedure
Please note:Learning Intention and success criteria are written on the slides.
Activity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BazvB_Ltjow&feature=youtu.be

Follow along with the attached screencast.Complete the activities outlined during the screencast.
It’s now time to have a go at writing a procedure about “How to make a pasta necklace.”
Look at the last slide to see your writing options for today.
Writing template is attached for those who need it.
As this is our last remote writing session, please encourage children to have a go at writing the procedure all by themselves.
Watch the screencast (more than once if necessary) but then turn it off.

See Attachment 3

Numeracy Learning
Maths:Learning IntentionWe are learning to use chance words to describe events in our lives.It will happenIt might happenIt won’t happenSuccess CriteriaI can use chance words to describe events in my life.

First, watch the YouTube video on things that will happen, might happen and won’t happen. It goes for 2 minutes.https://youtu.be/mn4x3dtb8HE

Next watch this screencast about your learning task today.

Print the worksheet (See Attachment 4) on chance OR if you don’t have a printer you can write these in the correct column in your scrap book.Cut around the rectangles carefully.Neatly rule 3 columns in your scrap book and label themIt will happenIt might happenIt won’t happenPaste the statements under the correct column in your scrap book.CHALLENGE: Think of some of your own statements and write them under the correct column in your scrap book, for example “I will brush my teeth before bed tonight” or “I will eat ice cream for breakfast”. See how many different ones you can come up with!Now it’s time to play a game! This game is about figuring out how likely something is to happen.https://www.kidsmathgamesonline.com/numbers/probability.html
Specialist Learning
Visual Arts:Please see this week’s Visual Arts Learning Task.