Hello Parents carers and students!

I hope you enjoyed creating some amazing works of art using food last week. It’s been great to see so many healthy food options being used!  

This week we are going to be looking at drawing techniques and a very special artist I really like called Modigliani. He was well known for drawing ordinary people doing ordinary things. He particularly liked to draw complete strangers sitting in cafes. One thing he did that was a bit different was he elongated their necks, faces and bodies! (He stretched them so that were extra-long!)  He liked to make his portraits in dark earthy tones and the eyes were always a bit strange looking.
Here are some examples of his work

This week I want you to create a portrait of someone in your life using his style! I have attached some interesting clips about Modigliani. Have a look at the clips and power point presentation attached.

Below is an instructional video I have made on how to draw a face using his style of elongation. Have a look and draw your outline. For this I would recommend you use a lead pencil so you can rub out the lines as well as any mistakes you make!

Once you have created you outline it’s time to paint or colour it in!

Can you use colours that Modigliani used?
His backgrounds were usually full of walls or big spaces , have you done a background?
You might like to use a cafe background or copy one of his backgrounds.

Questions to think about and respond to if you like!

What feelings did Modigliani create by painting the way he did?
Are they happy or sad paintings?
How did he create these feelings?

I am very excited to see what you come up with!

Until next week … Stay safe and have fun !