Hello Parents, 

Today we are asking you to submit the Reading task.

Here is today’s learning:


Learning Intention:
To form all letters correctly, using dotted thirds
To identify and apply silent “e” syllables in simple sentences.

Success Criteria:

I can follow a screencast and form letters correctly on dotted thirds.
I understand the rule of silent “e” and apply it in simple sentences.


MSL structure –
*Sound Pack
*Handwriting (a-m/n-z)

*Focus on previous/new skill
*Application of new skill (Silent “e” syllables)

The activity is to print out the silent “e” cards and play memory match with yourself or a family member. Practise sounding out/reading these words. If you have a laminator, you could laminate these cards so you can play this game in the future.

See Attachment 1

Reading: (To be submitted)

Learning Intention:

We are becoming familiar with the structure of simple narratives.

Success Criteria:

I can sequence the order of events.


Watch the youtube clip of the story

How to Babysit a Grandma

Now watch the screencast for a demonstration of the activity

See Attachment 2


Grammar Focus: Verbs

Writing focus: Procedure

Please note:

Learning Intention and success criteria are written on the slides.


Follow along with the attached screencast.

Complete the activities outlined during the screencast.

Watch: https://youtu.be/J-TUNKXAjh4

If you are able to print please complete attached sheet: How to make toast jumbled procedure. See Attachment 3


Learning Intention
To add up small amounts of coins

Success Criteria
I can add up small amounts of coins

First, watch this YouTube video about how Australian money is made at the Mint

Now watch the screencast for a demonstration of the activity


Here is a summary for parents/caregivers:

  1. Print the sheet with images of coins. If you don’t have a printer you can draw the coins instead. (See Attachment 4)
  2. Open up to a new page in your scrap book.
  3. Draw 4 circles on your page or use a cup to trace around.
  4. At the top of each circle write the amounts $1.15, $1.50, $0.95, $2.60
  5. If you like you can do some faces and a curly tail to turn the circles into piggy banks.
  6. Cut out the coins you need to make the amount of money in each piggy bank and glue them down.
  7. CHALLENGE: draw a few more circles or piggy banks and decide how much money you can are going to put in each – write the amount at the top!

Now it’s time to play a toy shop game with money:


Extension activity (for students at home, not onsite learners)
Make some coins and notes out of paper and set up a shop with some items for sale. Now see if you can find a sibling or family member to play shops with you.

Physical Education:

See this week’s Physical Education Learning Task.