Hello Parents carers and students!
Last week’s Colour wheel challenge was fantastic! So many different types using so many different colours! 
You may wish to submit your work to your Art teacher via their preferred method.

Also just letting you know that according to the time table your art session is on Thursday. I do put the lessons up earlier so you have more time to work on them. They are not due for a week after your timetabled session. For example this lesson is for Thursday the 30th of April. You have a week from the 30th to have the art projects completed and submitted. No need to rush, take your time J
This week for Visual Arts, we are looking at the art of Kandinsky and in particular his famous artwork Concentric Circles 1913.

Parents and carers of students, please read and watch the resources with your child, talk about it, ask questions and find examples to explain meaning, offer assistance where needed.

For this task you will need

  • Six pieces of paper in different colours
  • Black paper
  • White paper
  • Glue stick

Here is a fun cartoon introducing you to Kandinsky and his work.

Here is a video showing step by step how to make your own amazing Kandinsky circles.

This is a fantastic art project to practise work those fine motor skills. I know that initially your child may find ripping circles a little tricky but i am confident they can do it !

Here are some examples of students work form previous years 

Feel free to add oil pastels to your circles once they have been completed.
I look forward to seeing them and all the different colour schemes created ! 

Have fun ! Take your time and stay safe !