Let’s start today with some mindfulness as usual …

See how you go ‘Melting’ with this fun Go Noodle clip.


Last time we looked at ways that we can cheer ourselves up and calm ourselves down. Today we are going to focus on ways that we can calm and cope when we are afraid. This emotion we are feeling when we are afraid is called fear.

Watch this clip below about a turtle called Franklin who is afraid of the dark……
Franklin in the Dark



1. Talk to someone who lives with you about all of the different fears that the animals were feeling the book.  What did each of the animals do to ‘cope’ with their fears?

2. What are some of the things that can be scary for children around your age?          
Here’s a list I have thought of. Maybe you can think of some more! 

  • Trying new things
  • Getting lost
  • Meeting new people
  • Sleepovers
  • The dark
  • Big dogs
  • Someone being mean

3. Draw a picture of yourself using a coping strategy to help you manage one of your fears.  
Write a sentence about your picture.   (Check out the ideas below if you need some help)