Hello Everyone, 

Today we are asking you to submit the Reading task.

Here is today’s learning:

Literacy Learning
Reading: (To be submitted)Learning Intention: We are learning to draw connections between the text and experiences with other texts.
Success Criteria: I can make a connection between the world of a text and my experience of another text.
Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXLaIlAFGXc&feature=youtu.be Activity: Think about the two texts we have read this week, ‘How to Catch the Tooth Fairy’ and ‘How To Teach A Slug To Read’.
How were they the same and how were they different?
In your lined book draw a T chart. On one side of the chart you are going to write ways in which the two stories were similar in full sentences. On the other side you are going to write ways in which the two stories were different.
Sustained Reading: Log on to Reading Eggs, click ‘Enter’ on “Reading Eggspress” and complete your set Assignment.Writing:Handwriting – iI and jJWatch the clip: https://youtu.be/ir7gciV9wewActivity – Practice forming letters correctly on dotted third.

Writing – Free Write FridayWatch the cliphttps://youtu.be/f7CI7bg5TQoActivity – Revise and edit, and publish the free choice piece of writing from Thursday.

Numeracy Learning
Maths:Learning Intention:
We are learning to identify outcomes of familiar events involving chance and describe them using everyday language such as ‘will happen’, ‘won’t happen’ or ‘might happen’, while justifying our reasoning.
Success Criteria:
I can identify outcomes of events involving chance, justifying that some events are certain, possible or impossible. 
Yesterday we looked at the language of chance and began to explain why certain events would, wouldn’t or may not happen.

Play The Sludger game. The Sludger vending machine has four possible flavours. What kind of slushy are you likely to get? Answer questions about what flavour you think it will serve using the terms ‘yes’, ‘maybe’ and ‘no’. Use the vending machine to squirt coloured slushies into ice-cream cones to see if you’re right. Refill the machine and try again. Remember if you guess maybe and a different flavour comes out, it doesn’t mean you are wrong!
In your lined book write the heading Chance Events and date 22.5.2020.

Look at the following 7 statements and use words such as ‘will happen’, ‘might happen’, ‘won’t happen’, ‘certain’, ‘possible’ and ‘impossible’ to say how likely these events are to occur. Then explain why you think this.

There is no need to copy out the statements. You can write the numbers 1-7 down the page in red pencil then write the word and explanation that matches each one beside the question number. The first one has been done for you in the worked example.

1.   It will be dark at midnight.
2.   Your parents will turn into fish.
3.   You will drive a car when you are an adult.
4.   Monkeys will drive a car to Rowellyn Park Primary School.
5.   We will get a new gym at school.
6.   Kmart will give all their toys away for free tomorrow.
7.   You will have McDonalds for dinner tonight.
Worked Example:
1.   certain – because it is always dark at midnight

Log in to your Mathletics account. Click on the ‘SP Chance’ tab and complete some tasks. How many gold bars will you earn?

Specialist Learning
Wellbeing:Please see this week’s Wellbeing Learning Task.