Hello Everyone, 

Today we are asking you to submit the Reading task.

Here is today’s learning:

Literacy Learning
Reading: (To be submitted)Watch: https://youtu.be/1pxsGVouG3s
Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-iLWM3oM9k&feature=youtu.be
See Attachment 1

See Attachment 2

Extension Challenge: Read the recipe “Earth Day Globes” and write its missing lists of ingredients and tools
See Attachment 3

Sustained Reading: Log on to Reading Eggs, click ‘Enter’ on “Reading Eggspress” and complete your set Assignment.
Writing:Handwriting – PpWatch the clip:https://youtu.be/Y0n9trKcvegPractise your handwriting of the letter Pp on dotted third lines.
Writing – Free Write FridayWatch the clip:https://youtu.be/g1hvdBgirTg
Choose which genre you want to write in and the topic you want to write about for your written task today.Activity suggestion: turn your free write into a Mother’s Day card.
Numeracy Learning
Maths:Learning Intention:
We are learning to give and follow directions using directional language.
Success Criteria:
I can give and follow a set of directions to get from one place to another. 
Yesterday we looked at directional language and focused on left and right. Today we will continue using this language by giving and following directions.

Watch the clip and try and follow along with the counter and the beetle as they get directed from one point to another. Use your drawn hands if you need to remember which is left and which is right… or remember the hand trick we have used before.

You are going to write and give directions using terms such as left, right, backward and forward.

Watch the examplehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mZFC862urQ&feature=youtu.be

Now it is your turn…
First, plan your path around your house or garden, by choosing where you will begin and where you would like to end up.

In your lined book under the heading Paths and Directions and the date 8.5.2020, write all of the directions that you take to get yourself from your start to your end point. Once you are happy with it, read your directions out, one by one, and have someone else follow them.

When they have finished, check that they are where they are supposed to be. If not, walk the path again together and work out where things went wrong. Fix any incorrect directions.
Don’t get lost!

Specialist Learning
Wellbeing:Please see this week’s Wellbeing Learning Task.