Let’s start with a mindfulness activity.
Today we can choose between two!

If you would like a shorter activity, have a go at melting with this fun Go Noodle clip
Go Noodle: Melting

Perhaps you would like to relax a little longer today?
If so, try this awesome mindfulness activity
Sleeping Dragon from Peace Out

Last time we looked how we can calm when we are in the Yellow Zone, and cheer up when we are in the Blue Zone .Today we are going to focus on how we can calm and cope when we are in the Red Zone and feeling angry.

Watch the clip below

When I’m feeling angry.

What makes you angry?
How do you feel when you are angry?
What does your body do when you are feeling angry?
Can you make an angry statue?

Just like when we are worried or sad, there are different ways we can express our angry feelings.  There are hurtful ways to show anger, and there are helpful ways to cope with angry feelings.

Below are some ways (coping strategies) that you might find helpful to control your anger……….

Take up your angry statue pose. Take in a deep breath,
and then blow out slowly, just as if you were blowing
up a balloon. Do this three times.

Take up your angry statue pose. Now slowly press your
hands together palm to palm. Hold them in front of your
chest while you press hard. Then slowly let go.

Take up your angry statue pose. Now slowly count to 10.
As you do, imagine you are taking control of your anger.
You are in charge, not the angry feelings.


  1. Make your angry statue and practice each of the strategies above to try and calm. Which of these did you feel would be the most helpful when you are feeling angry?
  2. Rule your page in two. On one side draw an angry face and write what makes you angry. On the other side draw a calming strategy to try when you are feeling angry.