Hello Parents carers and students!

I hope you enjoyed last week’s Modigliani activity.  I was very impressed with the portraits and was so happy to see some parents have a go too!

 I have started putting some of your work up on “Ms Woodbridge’s Wacky World of Art” Facebook page to showcase and share our amazing arty creations!

This week we are going to be looking at a specific painting technique called Pointillism, and a very famous artist, Georges Seurat, who liked to paint using Pointillism.

Pointillism is basically Painting with Dots! It involves using small, painted dots to create areas of colour that together form a pattern or picture. It’s a fun technique to try, especially because it’s easy to do, and requires just a few simple materials

Here are some amazing works using the pointillism technique

Here are some of Mr Seurat’s works

These dots are so tiny you need to look really closely to see them! Can you see the dots?
Watch the below videos to learn a bit more about Georges Seurat and Pointillism.

Let’s get into it!
This week you will need…

  • Cotton tips
  • Paper
  • Paint

If you don’t have paint, you could use texters to make you tiny dots!

This week I want you to make a landscape painting using the pointillism technique.
A landscape is a painting is when you paint a natural or country side scenery such as rolling hills and a big blue sky. Landscape paintings usually have a foreground, middle ground and back ground that make up the picture.

Can you see the foreground, middle ground and background in the below picture ? 

Can you make a foreground, middle ground and background in your work?
Have a look at my demonstration video of how to make your Pointillism landscape painting.

You might like to use different colours for each section.
You might use dark green in the foreground and light green in the middle ground?

I look forward to seeing them next week!
Stay safe and have fun!
Ms Woodbridge