Hi Parents / Caregivers and Students,
Here are the tasks for Friday 22nd of May. 

Just a reminder, due to all teachers engaged in Professional Practice Day – there will be no Webex Meetings today.
As Monday is a Curriculum Day, there will be no set Learning tasks or meetings on this day. Students could use this day to catch up on their Inquiry tasks or other areas of learning if they choose.

The task to be submitted today is Maths – Volume and Capacity.
This can be submitted as a word document, powerpoint or you can upload photos of the completed work.

Here is the schedule for tasks that are due for week 6:

TuesdayReading and SSR
WednesdayMaths – Number and Algebra
FridayMaths – Volume and Capacity

SSR is a  YouTube clip. Watch below or copy and paste the link into your browser.

For Maths today – watch the YouTube clip which includes level appropriate tasks. Remember to pause on the clip when your activity is on the screen. There is also a YouTube clip that further explains the concept. Maths tuning in links can be found in the attachment below.

Kind Regards,
Middle School Teachers.