Hi Grade 3s!
We are going to continue having fun with all of the Performing Arts elements today- Music, Dance and Drama. 

Main focus and learning intention: To develop knowledge of Dance and the Elements of Dance. To create our own superhero dance- using actions to match the chosen character/s and the chosen music.

1. Please watch the introduction video first which is attached below.

2. What are the Elements of Dance?

3. Superhero Dance
Select one of these Superhero theme songs below to create your own actions to, or you might like to choose another song you like. Some movements might be slow motion actions when the tempo is slow, and when the tempo of the music gets faster- movements need to change pace and intensity as well.
It doesnt have to go for the whole song. You can choose which part of the song you’d like to use.
Please remember the following: 
– Create at least 4 different superhero actions to your music- each action should last for 8 counts- (so you might need to drag out the movement in slow motion, add a bounce or move in a different direction to make up the 8 counts). Or if you’d prefer to imporvise to the music (make it up as you go) then go fo it!! But make sure you’re listening to beat of the music.
– You can act as one or more superhero characters.
– Include the different elements of Dance in your piece. (eg. use low, medium and high movements. Move in different directions to use the space).
– Use your face expressions and actions to act like your chosen superhero. Remember their personality traits.
– Feel free to wear a costume and dress up like your character. 
– Have fun!
– I’d love to see your Superhero routine- so please film it and submit it on Compass.

Superhero Theme Songs:

Stay safe and look forward to seeing you back at school very soon!!
From Mrs Emmett