Hi Grade 3 and 4 students and welcome back to PE with Mr Roberts and Mr M! 

AT HOME: This week we want you to dress up with some Whacky hairstyles!
AT SCHOOL: If you would like, you can style your hair for Whacky Wednesday!

Week 4 Focus – Skill Based Activities

Mr Roberts and Mr M have created a video below for you to watch with skill based activities you need to complete. These activities just focus on coordination and basic skills such as throwing catching and movement.

Activities include :
– Shadow Game
– 10’s
– Mr Roberts’s 30 second Burpee Challenge
– Around the world

These activities can be done by yourself or with a partner. You can look at the resources for explanations or replay the video below to help.

At School – If you are at school these activities need to be completed on your own, you can modify partner work by using a wall which will allow the ball to return back to you. If you can think of something more creative then go for it!

Extension activities:
1. We also attached a mindfulness colouring activity for you to complete, each picture is a person performing a skill with labels.

2. Lets not forget our Fun Food Fact for you to answer!

SUBMISSION – You can upload a photo/video of you performing your activities or the mindfulness colouring activity/ Food Fact, Mr Roberts and Mr M would love to see it!