Hi Grade 3s and 4s! 
Hope you’ve been enjoying the P.A. remote learning activities. 

Learning Focus: You are going to continue developing your skills with following music notation and then you are going to have some fun with Drama and Dance with a focus on Superhero characters!

The three elements of Performing Arts- Music, Dance and Drama often overlap, as they do in today’s lesson. Today your main focus is Drama. After today, hopefully you will be able to answer these questions-
What is Drama?
What are the elements of Drama?

1. Warm Up: clap along or tap an instrument as you follow the notation to ‘Can’t Stop this Feeling’.

2. What is Drama? What are the Elements of Drama?

3. Superhero Characters: Who is your favourite superhero? What actions/movements do they make? What do they wear? What are some of their personality traits?
Answering these questions can help guide you when you act as a character.
Have fun using your face expressions and movements to match the superheroes in this clip.
If you want to dress up in character too go for it!

If you film yourself doing some of the warm up or the superhero dance feel free to submit it- I’d love to see it!

4. Extension – Optional: Have fun exploring the ‘Chrome Music Lab’, which is an interactive music making site. This is attached below.

Have fun and stay safe.
From Mrs Emmett