Hello grade 3 and 4 students!

We are very excited to have everyone returning back to school on the 9th of June! We hope you all are as excited as we are. This weeks focus is below we hope you have a great lesson!

Week 6 Focus 

Mr Roberts and Mr M have created a video below for you to watch with activities that help improve your balance, agility and overall fitness. You can practice throughout the week by yourself or with a partner. 

We have also added a mental health activity – ‘My Influences’,  it is attached to the task below as well as an explanation to go along with it.

1. Warm up activity 

2. Main Lesson

These activities can be done by yourself or with a partner. You can look at the resources for explanations or replay the video below to help. Most of all HAVE FUN!

At School – If you are at school these activities need to be completed on your own, you can modify partner work by using a wall which will allow the ball to return back to you. If you can think of something more creative then go for it!

3. Mental Health Activity

We also attached the mental health activity – ‘My Influences’  Read the explanation below then open the worksheet and complete the activity in the word document.


” There are so many things in our life that influence us, in one way or another. Some things will influence us to positive, healthy and responsible actions, and some will have the opposite effect. Our self esteem, our own judgement of right and wrong, and our desire to achieve certain outcomes, all play a part in how strong a certain influence will be on us. Take this time to think about YOU, and what influences you have around you. How many of the boxes below can you fill in with positive or negative influences on your life? ” 

Open the worksheet attached and complete.

**Submit the ‘My Influences’ worksheet to this learning task.

** If you would like to send a photo or video of yourself performing the activities Mr Roberts and Mr M would love to see it!