I am strong like a tree

Learning Intention: Student identify supports and strategies to stay strong when faced with challenges

Let’s go with our Mindfulness session for today. It’s one from Smiling Mind called “Sea Creatures and Noticing Emotions.


Were you able to imagine your current feeling as a sea creature? Sometimes it can help if we can let our emotions be like the fish swimming by us, we can acknowledge them, then let then pass.

Today we are going to be looking at how we can face challenges and stay strong. We all go through challenges in our lives, it’s how we work through those challenges that make us stronger. That last few lessons we have looked ways we can cope when things are challenging – we can use our positive coping strategies,  imagine our peaceful place, and focus on the things we can control that than the things we can’t.

Another way we can cope with challenges is to think of our lives as trees. The trusted adults, family, teachers, friends, our thoughts, values and even pets are roots that keep us standing strong. Challenges are like the wind in the trees. Trees sway but keep standing tall and strong as long as their roots are deep. 

Now watch this great trailer below for the movie ‘Wonder’.


As you can see from the movie trailer, Augie is someone who has experienced many challenges in his life, but he is able to remain strong like the tree due to his strong roots and support network.  His family, friends, teachers and even his helmet are all there to help and support Augie as he faces these challenges, and with their support he overcomes these challenges and gets stronger.


Create your own strong life tree. If you can print off the attachment, if not draw a big tree in your book with it’s roots reaching down into the ground. On the roots draw the people, things, animals, thoughts and actions that make you feel loved and supported. (E.g Trusted adults, friends, pets, hobbies, positive thoughts, ways to calm)

These roots will keep you standing strong when challenges arise and the wind starts blowing. All of the different people, things and actions you have on the roots of your tree are there to keep you strong and to help you cope when you are faced with a challenge