Coding With Scratch

Learning intentions:

  • To create an account on Scratch in order to explore with coding.
  • To learn the interface of Scratch programming.
  • To discover what block coding is.

Hi Grade 3,

Last week we learnt that Coding is a set of instructions given to machines to make them work in the way which they are intended. The person who writes the code is called a programmer. You had a go at writing a set of instructions on paper and giving it to someone else to follow. So you had a go at programming instructions.

This week you will discover what Scratch programming is and eventually you will have a go at coding instructions, this time on a computer. So let’s get started…..

I have created a video of instructions for how to enter and use Scratch Programming. You will need your computer and the internet. Click on the video when you are ready…..

Once you have understood the instructions, you can click on the link to enter your class on Scratch and create your account. As I mentioned in the video, you should try and use your log in details for the school computers. If your name is already taken, use a different name that I can recognise as you. Write it down so you don’t forget.

When you are in Scratch, complete the ‘starter’ tutorial first as I have instructed in my video. If you like, you can have a go at other tutorials too. 

Grade 3 Lever

Grade 3 Gardiner

Grade 3 Edwards

Grade 3 Arthurson

The practise you do will be saved in your account and I will be able to access them to see what you have done. This is why it is important to use your name or last name in your account – so I know which is yours.

If you have any questions about what to do or any technical issues, you can email me on compass.

Have fun with coding on Scratch!
Ms Sieira