Learning To Code – Express Course

Learning Intention:

  • to introduce the concepts of coding and event programming (using block coding).
  • to work through lessons that teach code language
  • to input code that receives output

Hi Grade 4,

It’s time to have a go at coding again in STEAM. Coding is a set of instructions that are programmed into a machine. A machine won’t do what it’s supposed to unless someone programs it with code. Basically, machine’s (like computers) won’t work without the instructions from a programmer. The instructions are called ‘Code’.

You had a go at Coding last year on Scratch. Now it’s time to go further!

You are going to take a Code Course to learn more about coding. You can work through the course at your own pace. I will be able to see what you are up to when I log in. I am expecting you to finish the first warm-up ‘Dance Party’ at the minimum this week. However, you may like to go beyond if that suits.

Attached in this Learning Task is a video explaining how to get to the course. I have also attached some log in information for your grade to use to get to your course. From here I can see your progress and where you are up to. So you do not need to submit anything. It will show me your progress.

So when you’re ready, click on the video and open the attachment for your grade to access your log in information.

Here are the links for your grade (these are in the attachments too).

4 Davis

4 Hewa

4 Olver

4 Sproal

Happy Coding Everyone!
Ms Sieira