1. Your first task is to make sure your persuasive piece about Families Owning a Pet is complete, read ALL the feedback we gave you and apply it. Make sure it is the best piece of writing you have ever done!! Add a title too. 
  1. In any remaining time, complete the tasks below.  

*This activity has been designed for you to work through at your own pace and own ability level. The instruction and activities gradually gets harder. You should be spending approximately 50minutes on writing today, so do what you can in that time.  

What are Modal Verbs 

  • Modal verbs help to indicate the probability of the following verb happening. 
  • Modals need to be used with another verb in order for the sentence to make sense e.g. I must eat / You should watch… 
  • Modal verbs can be used to persuade or discourage. You can win this race / you can’t go in there, you will get in trouble. 
  • Advertising often uses modal verbs to make persuasion more powerful. 
  • Examples of modal verbs: 
can could may might will 
would must shall should ought to 

Task 1: 

Modal Verbs show how likely something is…. Make these verbs negative. 

Modal Verbs Negative Form 
Can Cannot/Can’t 

Modal Verbs are even used in cartoons! 

How does the meaning change if we say ‘It MUST be you’ or ‘It WILL be you?’ 

Task 2:  

  1. Identify the modal verbs in each of these sentences.  

Make these sentences more persuasive.   

E.g. You could score a goal. / You can score a goal! 

  1. You might win this competition 
  2. This shampoo could make your hair more shiny. 
  3. You should try this yoghurt.  
  4. You can grow your own vegetables with these super seeds! 
  5. The new technology in these sport shoes might make you run faster. 
  6. This hamburger ought to be the best you have ever tasted. 

Task 3: 

Use the advertisement of the divider pan.  

Circle all of the modal verbs you can find. Once you have done that make the advert more persuasive, by replacing the modal verbs you have circled with more persuasive ones. 

Divider Pan 

Traditional English Breakfast? No Problem! – everything can be ready at the same time. 

Now there is no need to keep your bacon warm while the eggs fry. With this pan you can prepare them all at once. Now you can enjoy them at their best.  

Made from high-quality carbon steel with non-stick coating, this pan can cook food evenly and is easy to clean. The stay-cool handle will protect your hands. The pan is a roomy 30cm in diameter, so it will give you plenty of room for chops, mushrooms, tomatoes and beans – you could use it for every meal!  


TASK 1: 

Complete ONE assigned Literacy Planet book-remember a score of 12/12 is $1000, 11/12 is $500 and 10/12 is $250.  

TASK 2: 

Spend the first 15 minutes reading your ‘just right’ book that you chose  (either from home or epic). 
Then start on the ‘facts and details’ activities underneath, answering them based on your ‘just right’ book. 


Describe the setting.  

Can you make a connection to any of the place(s) in the story? 

List the words used to describe the character 

List 4 facts about the story 


Learning Intention: To use the order of operations (BODMAS) to solve equations.  

Success Criteria: I understand why we need to use the order of operations. 

        I can explain the meaning of BODMAS.  

        I can use the order of operations to correctly solve equations involving all four operations and brackets.  

Task Instructions: 

For each group, more than one equation gives the answer in the large square.  

You will need to solve each equation to find which ones match the answer.  

Solve in your maths books and then highlight the ones that match the correct answer.