For today’s task – please refer back to your ‘Friday – Video Project’ page in your OneNote that you have been working on

You should by now have prepared a script for what you are going to say and do throughout the presentation.

Today’s lesson is to:

Ensure that you have all of the items that you will need for your video

Eg: props, backgrounds,

A device to record your video on. (remember that you will be submitting your project in OneNote)

Make a list and check them off. This will give you time to organise any props or items that you don’t have or need to make.

Read over your script and edit and improve it

Rehearse your script

If you need to refresh your memory for ideas, information is below:

Example of a completed table of your final choice.
Idea 1: Mr Michaud Video Diary

What presentation style have you chosen? (e.g. video diary, tutorial, advertisement etc.) Video Diary
What will your presentation be about? Day in the life of isolation…
What will the video include? Mr. M waking up, spending a day doing activities/chores while washing his hands in between every step.
Will you or anyone else be appearing in the presentation? Mr. M only
How are you presenting/filming your video? Filming on a phone/IPad, being filmed by a family member.
What props do you need? Things around the house: basketball, gardening supplies, baking ingredients, art supplies, bedroom, LOTS of soap etc..

Examples & Ideas

Video Diary:
Mr. Michaud’s A Day in Iso video.. Mr M’s Holidays

Tutorial (how to):

An instructional step by step, how to video. We have attached a few different examples!

Draw a penguin
Make the TikTok ‘Dalgona’ Coffee:
How to do the renegade dance:

Cooking demo – Making strawberry shortcake

How to build a pencil box –


Short David Attenborough style documentary. Could be describing a pet in your house..


Advertisement or TV commercial that is selling a product.

Read Aloud:

Choose a picture story book that you have at home.
Film yourself reading it out loud. Here is an example from Mr. Peterson!

Scouting Video:

Here are some examples of people showing off their soccer and tennis skills HOWEVER, there is no audio. Yours will need audio.
There would need to be voice recording over the top of this, explaining what’s happening and providing information.
This video is purely just to show you what a scouting video could look like.


Today’s writing lesson will be a grammar lessons introducing some of the language features for procedural writing.

  1. Your first task is to finish off any work that you haven’t finished for writing this week.
  1. Then you will read the information and look at the examples provided to complete the activities.

*This activity has been designed for you to work through at your own pace and own ability level. The instruction and activities gradually gets harder. You should be spending approximately 50 minutes on writing today, so do what you can in that time.

Verbs, Effective Verbs and Adverbs

  • Verbs are the action words in a sentence that describe what the subject is doing. Along with nouns, verbs are the main part of a sentence as it is telling a story about what is taking place. Examples of verbs are running, kick, sing, throw.

Anthony is kicking the soccer ball.

The dog ran across the yard.

Task 1

Highlight the verbs in the sentence.

  • The bluebird in the tree sings beautifully.
  • Cassie hits the baseball over the fence.
  • Ryder listens to his favourite song.
  • Mrs. Cox buys a roll of paper towels at the supermarket.
  • Amooge solves the mystery of the missing pencil case.

Effective Verbs

  • In procedural writing we need to use effective verbs to tell the reader what we are doing.
  • We want to use effective verbs in our writing to make the reader visualize what we are doing so they know what to do.
  • E.g. Slice the bread
  • E.g. Combine your ingredients

Non effective verbs are words such as; put, get, add, set.


Learning Intention: To use substitution to solve algebraic equations.

Success Criteria: I can identify a variable

         I can substitute a variable with a given value.

         I can solve an algebraic equation when given a value for a variable.

         I apply the order of operations when solving algebraic equations.

Task Instructions:

Step 1: Watch the screencast on substitution Substitution

Step 2: Solve the codebreaker.