Inquiry Reading

Task Instructions:
Step 1: Copy this task into your own OneNote Section.

Step 2: Watch the following video

Step 3: Answer each of the questions below.

Step 4: Use the interactive sites

  1. What is an reversible change? Give an example.
  2. If I dissolve salt into water, can I reverse this? Explain why.
  3. What is an irreversible change? Give an example.
  4. Label the following as reversible or irreversible change and explain your answer
    1. Tearing a piece of paper
    2. Cooking an egg
    3. Mixing a glass of cordial
    4. Dissolving sugar in water

Interactive sites – Use this one through Microsoft Edge if it doesn’t work through Chrome. You will need to allow Flash Player.


Watch this Youtube clip that introduces procedural writing:


Fill the gaps in the sentences below about procedural writing.

The information can be found in the above slide to help you answer these.

Procedural texts inform _____________________________________

Procedural texts follow _______________________________

The sentences in procedural texts ___________________________

There are many types of procedural texts, such as:


In your OneNote copy and paste this into Remote Learning-Writing-Week 2-Monday and add to the dot points:

Come up with three examples you might write about for the following:

How to Play:

  • A game of tag

How to Make/Build:

  • A sandcastle

How to Prepare/get ready for:

  • A day at the beach

Please read through this example of a procedural text. Pay particular attention to the structural features that are described in the colourful boxes.


Learning Intention

To use function machines to apply mathematical rules to numbers.

Success Criteria

I can use function machines to apply rules with the four operations.

I can use function machines to find the rules and then apply to numbers.

Task 1:

Watch the link:

Balancing Equations

Task 2:

Complete the questions below.