Watch the video first 

Read the Fact or Opinion poster below to refresh your memory about the difference between a fact and an opinion.  

Once you have read it, open up the TCS book for your level. Read both stories and answer the questions in your Reading Tab for Week 4 Tuesday. You can just read through the ‘Learning About the Skill’ page, but you must answer all of the questions on  ‘Practice Page’ and ‘On Your Own’. 

Book C

Book D

Book E

Book F


If you have any problems with today’s instructions here is a video to help and explain the tasks  

Great brainstorming work yesterday! Below are the best 5 arguments that you came up with yesterday for the issue ‘Should Primary School Students Have to Wear School Uniform?” $500 if you see your argument below.  We are all going to argue FOR school uniform as that side had the strongest arguments.  

TASK 1: Copy and paste the table below into your own OneNote, highlight the three arguments that you are going to use in your persuasive piece.   

FOR  (yes uniform) 
Reduces bullying (students fit in) 
Student safety (logo on excursions) 
Uniforms are cheaper than branded clothes 
Easier to organise 
Increased concentration in class 

TASK 2: Follow the template below and fill in the sections to write your persuasive piece about wearing school uniforms.  

  1. Write your introduction: 

Remember your introduction will need to include: 

The topic/issue and what side you are on. (explain the issue if need to). Introduce your arguments.  

  1. Write your three argument paragraphs: 

Remember your 3 body paragraphs will need to include: 

 a paragraph opener, your argument. a details opener, supporting details and evidence. 

  1. Write your conclusion:  

Remember your conclusion paragraph will need to include: 

Conclusion opener, restate the side you are arguing. Summarise the arguments in different words. A call to action! 


There are three tasks altogether 

Task 1  Watch the video below 

Task 2 – Look at the bar graphs below and answer the questions located underneath each one. 

  1. Which flavour was the most popular? 
  2. Which flavour was the least popular? 
  3. How many people chose Cheese and Onion as their favourite flavour? 
  4. How many people chose Worcester Sauce as their favourite flavour? 
  5. Which flavour was as popular as Salt and Vinegar? 
  6. How many more people preferred ‘Beef and Onion’ to ‘Cheese and Onion’ flavour? 
  7. How many fewer people preferred ‘Worcester Sauce’ to ‘Smokey Bacon’ flavour? 
  1. Which fruit was the most popular? 
  2. How many people chose pineapple as their favourite fruit? 
  3. How many more people chose strawberries than bananas? 
  4. How many people chose apples as their favourite fruit? 
  5. Which fruit was chosen by 16 people? 
  6. How many fruits were chosen by more than 6 people? 
  1. Which movie was the most popular? 
  2. Which film was the least popular? 
  3. How many people chose Moana as their favourite film? 
  4. Which film was chosen by 14 people? 
  5. How films received more than 8 votes? 
  6. How many more people preferred Mulan to Moana? 

Task 3 – Creating questions 

For each of the graphs above, think of one new question that could be answered. Use the questions below to help you. 

How many people liked ____? 

How many people preferred____ ? 

How many more people liked ____ than ____? 

How many fewer people liked ____ than ____? 

Extension Maths

Step 1: Watch the screencast (in link now) 

Step 2: Complete the task 

1. Who got the most candy? 

2. Who got the least amount of candy? 

3. Who got more candy, Sarah or Isabel?  

4. How many kilograms of candy did Sarah get?  

5. How many kilograms of candy did Debby get?  

1. Which day did they sell the most ice cream cones?  

2. Which day did they sell the fewest ice cream cones?  

3. Did they sell more cones on Monday or Wednesday?  

4. How many ice cream cones did they sell on Wednesday?  

5. How many ice cream cones did they sell on Tuesday?  

1. Who caught the greatest number of bugs?  

2. Who caught the fewest number of bugs?  

3. Who caught more bugs, Paul or Oliver?  

4. How many bugs did Jerry catch?  

5. How many bugs did Will catch?  

1. Which day had the most rain?  

2. Which day had the least rain?  

3. Did it rain more on Sunday or Monday?  

4. How much rain was there on Wednesday?  

5. How much rain was there on Monday?