Task 1

There are 5 stories with questions – please answer all questions in full sentences in your reading tab.
Make sure you answer all 4 questions for each one.

Crazy Creative Challenges can be completed if you finish everything else.

Please write answers in Reading Tab for Week 6 Wednesday.

Machine generated alternative text:
Sushi Rolls 
I h cups of sushi rice 
4 sushi sheets 
I cucumber, cut into thin strips 
I thinly sliced avocado 
I grated carrot 
2 tablespoons of mayonnaise 
I. Rinse and drain rice 3 times or until water runs clear. 
2. Place rice and Ih cups of cold water in a saucepan over 
a medium heat. Cover. 
3. Bring to the boil. Simmer for 12 minutes or until rice is 
4. Place I sushi sheet, shiny side down, on a sushi mat. 
Using damp fingers, spread % cup of rice overthe sushi 
sheet, leaving a 2 cm strip at one end. 
5. Spread I teaspoon of mayonnaise cwer the rice. 
Arrange some cucumber, avocado and carrot over the 
6. Using the sushi mat, roll up firmly to form a roll. Cut into 
6 slices. Repeat With remaining ingredients. 
Sushi Rolls 
Which one of these things do you need to do before 
putting the rice on the sushi sheet? 
a) spread mayonnaise over the rice 
b) boil the rice 
c) roll up the rice 
Number the following sentences in the correct order for 
making sushi rolls. 
Boil the rice. 
Spread mayonnaise over the rice. 
Prepare the ingredients. 
Put on cucumber, avocado and carrots. 
Spread the rice cwer the sushi sheet. 
What is the final step when making sushi rolls? 
Draw five pictures to illustrate how to make sushi rolls. 
Write your own recipe with pictures showing how 
to make a food or drink you enjoy.
Machine generated alternative text:
The Big Race! 
æn fast as 
Rewrite the story of the big race in the correct order, 
using the following time sequence words: 
first, then, next, after that, soon after, finally 
. Explain how the story could have been put in a different 
order so that it had a new ending. 
4. What do you normally do at the start of a race? 
a) run as fast as you can 
b) line up, ready to run 
c) cross over the finish line 
Create your cwn picture story. 
O Use six boxes. 
The Big Race! 
Look at the pictures. Place them into the correct order. 
Molly's friend stopped to 
help up. 
Molly and friend 
Molly and her friend 
the finish togettw. 
Molly tripped 
was ready to start 
1st box number 
2nd box number 
3rd box number 
4th box number 
5th box number 
6th box number
Machine generated alternative text:
Lightning can be a very dangerous and frightening thing. 
Some people wu3uId say that it is also very beautiful to 
watch. Lightning is a bright flash of electricity that is 
produced by a thunderstorm. When you see a bolt of 
lightning, you can be sure that the sound of thunder will 
Lightning is an electric current. For lightning to form, there 
must be many small bits of ice (or frozen raindrops) 
bumping into each other as they moue around in the air 
within a thundercloud. When all of these frozen raindrops 
collide, they create an electric charge. 
The next step in the formation of lightning is when the 
whole thundercloud fills up with electrical charges. The 
charges separate, with the positive charges forming at the 
top and the negative charges forming at the bottom. 
After a while, a positive charge builds up on the ground 
beneath the cloud. The charge coming up eventually 
connects with a charge reaching down from the clouds. 
Lastly, these charges connect and a lightning strike is 
Which one of these things happens before an electric 
a) a positive charge builds up 
b) small bits of ice bump into each other 
c) a lightning strike is formed 
Number the following sentences in the correct order. 
The whole thundercloud fills up with electrical 
A positive charge builds up on the ground beneath 
the cloud. 
A lightning strike is formed. 
The positive and negative charges separate. 
Frozen raindrops collide to create an electric charge. 
. What is the final step before seeing a lightning strike? 
Draw and label an illustration that explains how 
lightening is formed. 
Create an artwork to show what a thunderstorm 
looks like.
Machine generated alternative text:
Ready, Set, Go! 
It was the day of the great race. All of the animals were 
lined up at the starting line, ready to go. 
The starting gun went CRACK and they all took off. After a 
long hard race, the animals started crossing the finishing 
Angus the angry bull raged his way across the finish line 
first, closely followed by Tom,' the T-Rex. 
Next to finish was Bob the Butterfly. He flew across the 
finish line just in front of Freddy the Fly. In fifth position 
was Leon the Lion. He was being chased by Happy, the 
always cheerful puppy. 
Zippy Zebra came in next, followed by Mal the 
Monkey. After a short time, Gazza the Giraffe 
glided across the finish line. Peter the Panda 
came in after Gazza; and very closely behind 
him was Ricky the Rat. 
The final animal to cross the line was 
Tommy the Turtle. He took 
his time and was happy 
to finish the race. 
All of the animals 
celebrated and had a 
great time! 
Ready, Set, Go! 
Make a list of all the animals and their finishing 
positions from 1st to 12th. 
2. Which animal crossed the line in 4th place? 
a) Leon the Lion 
b) Freddy the Fly 
c) Zippy Zebra 
. Which animal followed Mal the Monkey? 
a) Peter the Panda 
b) Zippy Zebra 
c) Gazza the Giraffe 
Draw a picture of a podium with the three animals that 
came 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 
Design and make your ovvn board game that 
represents a running race.


Copy and paste the below activity into your OneNote.

The procedural text in the box below are too simple/incomplete! They need more detail to help the reader successfully achieve the goal.


Fill in the blanks and up-level these 2 procedurals so that they include more detail.
You may need to add more steps to the method!

How to Make a Sandcastle
  Goal:  How to make a sandcastle.   Equipment: bucket spade sand shells
  Method: 1. Fill the bucket with sand.
3. Decorate your sandcastle.   Conclusion:
How to Play ‘Piggy in the Middle’
  Goal: How to keep the ball off the ‘piggy’.   Equipment: A ball         Method
1. Choose a ‘piggy’.
2. Place the ‘piggy’ between two other players.
3. Keep the ball away from the piggy.   Conclusion:


The below persuasive on ‘Making a Parachute’ is all mixed up!

Copy the below text and sort it into the correct order using the template below, remembering what should be included in each part of the procedural structure. Don’t forget to number each step! We have done the first one for you.

How to Make a Parachute

  • Modelling clay
  • Cotton thread

Cut a small hole in the middle of the plastic square to let the air rush out when flying

Make your very own parachute!

Test the parachute by gently throwing it high into the air

  • Plastic bag

Begin by using the scissors to cut a 20cm square from the plastic bag

Now you have a fantastic parachute!

Carefully attach cotton thread to each corner of the plastic square

Tie the loose ends of the cotton thread securely around the modelling clay weight

Goal (How to)  
Materials/Equipment/ Ingredients   Scissors      

In Tomorrow’s lesson you will write your entire procedural piece!

Early Finishers:

Below is a jumbled procedural text about how to Build a Snowman. Re-arrange it into the correct order and highlight the different sections in the colours stated.
Remember to include all subtitles and number steps.

Orange – Title

Blue – Goal

Red – Materials/Equipment/Ingredients

Green – Method containing steps in order

Purple – Conclusion

Now you have a snowman that should stand on its own.

To build a freestanding snowman.

Decorate the snowman with old clothing.


2 twigs

1 carrot


Old clothing (hat, scarf, gloves)

Carefully add a twig to each side of the body to create arms.

How to Build a Snowman

Use the pebbles to make eyes and a mouth. Add the carrot to make a nose.

Roll a large snowball for the body and a smaller one for the head.


Learning Intention

To solve equivalent number sentences involving addition and subtraction.

Success Criteria

I know that both sides of a balanced equation need to be the same.

I can find out what the equation needs to equal.

I can use the inverse operation to find a missing number.