There are 5 stories with questions – please answer all questions in full sentences in your reading tab. 
Try your best to get through all of them in the session. 

Comprehension task. 


TASK 1: Use the pictures above to help you brainstorm arguments for and against the issue “Should Primary School Students Have to Wear School Uniform?”. Use the table below to list your arguments in your own OneNote (Remote Learning-Writing-Week 4-Monday). Once you have listed your arguments pick the side with the strongest arguments  


*We will choose the best 5 that you come up with on both sides tomorrow.  

You will earn $$$ if your argument is chosen!!!* 


Statistics  - statistics are facts that include numbers. Use a statistic in your example and supporting details.  

Firstly, everyone should own a dog because they need exercise.  For instance, if you have a dog you will have to walk your dog every day, which means that you will be even healthier. Dog owners walk an average of  300 minutes per week, while non-dog owners walk an average of 168 minutes.  

Task 2: Find at least one of the statistics below that matches one of your arguments from last week’s persuasive and add it in. (Feel free to change the wording) 

  • 61% of Australian households own pets.  
  • Dog owners walk an average of 300 minutes per week, while non-dog owners walk an average of 168 minutes. 
  •  Pet owners are 34% more likely to fit in exercise than non-pet owners. 
  • Australian households spend over $13billion dollars on pets. 
  • The average pet costs $13,000 over the course of its lifetime. 
  • 98% of pet owners consider their pet to be a member of the family. 
  • 74% of pet owners reported mental health improvements from owning a pet. 
  • Pet owners are 60% more likely than non-pet owners to get to know new people in their neighbourhoods. 
  • 72% of pet owners believe that their pets can understand them like no human could. 
  • Only 50% of pet owners admit they regularly walk their dogs 
  • 78% of people that don’t have pets say that is because they do not have the time to look after them 
  • The RSPCA cares for 135,000 animals a year 


There are three tasks altogether 

Task 1 – Watch the video below 

Task 2 – Look at the line graphs below and answer the questions located underneath each one. 

  1. What was the temperature in November? 
  2. In which two months was the average temperature 11°C? 
  3. During how many months was the average temperature less than 10°C? 
  4. What do you notice about the trend in data between April and July? 
  5. In which month was there no change in temperature from the previous month? 
  6. If I wanted to visit this location when it’s at its warmest, in what months should I visit? 
  1. In which month did Sally sell the most lemonade? 
  2. How many cups of lemonade did she sell in November? 
  3. In which month did she sell 38 cups of lemonade? 
  4. During how many months did she sell more than 20 cups of lemonade? 
  5. Why do you think she sold less lemonade in June, July and August? 
  6. Looking at the data, if Sally could only open for 3 months of the year, which should she choose if she was trying to make as much money as possible? 

Task 3 – Creating questions 

For each of the graphs above, think of one new question that could be answered.  

Extension Maths

Step 1: Watch the screencast (in link now) 

TASK 1: 

1. Which store sold the most game consoles? ___________  

2. Which store sold the most TVs? ___________  

3. How many laptops did Sam’s Superstore sell? ___________  

4. How many more games than game consoles did Pete’s Electrics sell? ___________  

5. How many more DVD players did Pete’s Electrics sell than Sam’s Superstore? ___________  

6a. How many products did each store sell in total? ____________________ 

b. Which store sold the most products during the week? _________________  

7. Pete’s Electrics make $20 for each tablet they sell. Sam’s Superstore makes $15 for each tablet they sell. Which store makes the most money from tablet sales? _______________ 

TASK 2: 

1. How many Mango ice-creams were sold by Shop A?  

2. Which flavor of ice-cream do people like most in shop A?  

3. Find the total numbers of Chocolate ice-creams sold by shop A and shop B.  

4. Which shop sold 30 coconut ice-creams?  

5. Find the total numbers of Coconut ice-creams sold by shop A and shop B?  

6. Which flavor of ice-cream do people like the most in shop B? Chocolate or Vanilla?  

7. Find the total numbers of ice-creams sold by shop B?  

8. How many Vanilla ice-creams were sold by Shop A?