Hi Grade 5s and 6s,
Welcome to Week 4 of Performing Arts!

Learning Intention– To continue to expand our knoweldge, skills and competence in Music.
– To get moving and have fun!

1. Please watch my introduction video first.
2. Warm Up
3. Music Genre Project – Please submit this on Compass when you have finished. I would love to see it!
4. Dance Break
5. Chrome Music Lab. An interactive music making site you can have fun exploring over the next few weeks.

2.  Warm Up – Rhythm activity: Music genres.
Tap along and join in with playing the rhythms which represent different music genres.
If you have two objects to tap gently with (drum sticks, pencils, rulers, wooden spoons etc. on a bucket or pot etc.) that would be great. Otherwise just tap along on your knees or a table (with permission).

3. Music Genre Project:
‘Genre’ means: a style or category of music.
1. Brainstorm and make a list of as many music genres as you can. Try and have at least 6 on your list (you can do some research if you need to).
2. Please select one music genre. I would like you to research this genre and find out as many interesting facts as you can about it- (eg. what are some examples of famous musicians/singers/bands and songs related to that genre?, what instruments/sounds are usually played within that genre? Where did that genre originate? When did it originate? and any other interesting information).
3. You can present your information any way you like (Word Document/Power point/ on paper to make a poster etc.) Feel free to include some images/pictures as well if you like.
Please submit this on Compas when it is completed. I would love to see it.

4. Dance Break:
Stand up and have fun joining in with the actions:

Enjoy and stay safe!