Learning intention:

  • Students recognise that we need ways to calm our bodies when we feel intense emotions
  • Students practise a calming strategy – mindfulness

My Peaceful Place   
Remember last time when we had practised a short mindfulness session from Go Noodle called ‘Find Peace’?

Let’s start today by revisiting that one.

Find a quiet comfy place and click on the link below


Visualising ourselves in a peaceful place that is special and meaningful to us is great coping strategy as you can use it anywhere, anytime. Maybe this is one of the strategies you identified and added to your ’10 ways to calm’ list.

Stay in your quiet, comfy place and watch this relaxing video of some beautiful peaceful places all over the world below.

Did any of these create a feeling of calm within you? Which beautiful places made you feel a sense of peace?


Close your eyes and imagine yourself in your own peaceful place…..what does it look like? How do you feel? What can you hear? What can you smell? Can you taste anything?

Copy the Y chart below into your book, and write as many words as you can in each of the different sections about your peaceful place. You might even like to draw a pic of your peaceful place and put it up someone in your room at home