Hi Grade 5s and 6s!
Hope you’ve been enjoying the P.A. remote learning activities!

Learning Focus: To continue developing confidence, skills and an understanding of Dance and the elements of Dance. 

The three elements of Performing Arts- Music, Dance and Drama often overlap, as they do in today’s lesson. Today your main focus is Dance. After today, hopefully you will be able to answer the question-
What are the elements of Dance?

1. Warm Up: clap along or tap an instrument as you follow the notation to ‘Can’t Stop this Feeling’.

2. What are the Elements of Dance?

3. Get Moving: Have fun following the actions- do you notice the different dance elements in this? If you want to also dress up as a character (like they are in this clip) go for it!

If you want to film yourself doing some of the warm up or the Dynamite dance- feel free to submit it. I’d love to see it!

4. Extension – Optional: Have fun exploring the ‘Chrome Music Lab’, which is an interactive music making site. This is attached below.

Have fun and stay safe.
From Mrs Emmett