Welcome to Week 3 of Performing Arts!

Learning Intention- To continue developing our skills/understandings of music rhythms & notation and to create & compose our own.
– To have fun!

1. Please watch the introduction video first.

2.Warm Up: Rhythm Drill-
Clap along as you follow the music notation. Please try and complete the first four pages.
Extension- Feel free to do more pages or come back to it another time to continue on.

3. Rhythm, song activity:
Clap along (or tap your knees/a table/an instrument) as you follow the notation for Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker song the ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’:

4.Rhythm/Stomp Task:
Please see the attachment
Please complete this and submit a clear photo of your P.A. page on Compass.

5. Body Percussion Challenge-
Stand up and follow the prompts & the visual guide as to what part of the body to tap:
Enjoy & Stay safe! 

6. Chrome Music Lab is a fun interactive website to explore music making- something to have fun with over the next few weeks