An introduction to a persuasive piece should include: 

  • What the issue (topic) is and what side the author is on. 
  • Explain the issue if you need to. For example if it is about public transport you would explain the types of public transport available. If it is about specialist classes at schools, you would explain what a specialist class is as if the reader doesn’t know.  
  • Introduce the arguments. 

Example of the task: 

Every year on the 10th of May people around the world celebrate ‘Mother’s Day’. Who decided there should be one specific day when we celebrate Mothers? Mothers should feel appreciated all year around! It’s expensive and unnecessary and excludes people that may not have someone to celebrate with.  It’s crystal clear that the 10th of May should no longer be officially Mother’s Day! 

Issue: Should Mother’s Day be cancelled? 

Side: Yes Mother’s Day should be cancelled. 


  1. It’s expensive 
  2. It excludes people that don’t have a ‘Mother’ 
  3. Mother’s should be appreciated every day, so it is unnecessary.  

Task 1: For BOTH of the introductions below answer the following: (just like in the example above) 

Put the answers in your OneNote, Remote learning-Writing-Week 3- Tuesday.  

  1. What is the issue? 
  2. What side are they on? 
  3. What are the arguments they have hinted at? 

Introduction 1: 

How could anyone suggest that children shouldn’t have phones until they’re 15? Mobile phones are a vital tool for today. They allow children to communicate with friends and family and can build many life-long skills in early stages of life. Every child should have a phone from the age of 11.  

Introduction 2:  

Anyone who likes football can close their eyes and hear their AFL team’s theme song. They can hear the crowd noise, imagine the football sailing through the goal posts and picture the players celebrating another goal. However, the players are always men. Why? Women’s football should be given equal billing with men’s football and that would include having the same programme for women each week.   

Task 2:  

Put the answers in your OneNote, Week 3, Writing, Tuesday.  

Using your brainstorming work from yesterday on the topic ‘All Families Should Own a Pet’ answer the following questions: 

  1. What is the issue? 
  2. What side are you on? 
  3. What are the arguments you will hint at OR list? 

Task 3: 

Write your introduction for your persuasive piece on the topic ‘All Families Should Own a Pet’ in your OneNote, Remote Learning, Writing, Week 3, Persuasive Page above Monday. Every day you will do the sections for this persuasive piece on that page. The other activities will go on the day pages. 

Include a rhetorical question in your introduction. 

If you’re not sure what a rhetorical question is watch the clip below. They are also in bold font the in the above 2 examples. 

Inquiry Reading

Read the Facts and Detail poster below to refresh your memory about how to locate facts and details in a text. 

Once you have read it, open up the TCS book for your level. Read both stories and answer the questions in your Reading Tab for Week 3 Tuesday. You can just read through the ‘Learning About the Skill’ page, but you must answer all of the questions on  ‘Practice Page’ and ‘On Your Own’ 

Literacy Planet book is only for people that finish the task in their OneNote AND are up to date with their writing.  

Book C

Book D

Book E

Book F


Tuesday-If you feel you are ready, move onto multiplication patterns today (Tuesday Multiplication). If you think you need to keep practising addition and subtraction patterns, continue working on that (Tuesday Addition and Subtraction). 

Addition and Subtration

Look carefully at the number patterns below. 

Identify the rule (just write it at the side) and fill in the missing numbers to complete the pattern. 


Multiplication Patterns 

  1. Watch the screencast. 

<<Multiplication Number Patterns.mp4>>

  1. Identify the rule for the pattern.  
  2. Find the next two numbers in the pattern. Watch this clip on how to set up a multiplication equation if you need a reminder.  

<<Multiplication Equations.mp4>>

You can add $1000 to your bank book if you show ALL of your working out beautifully in your maths book for each question and upload a photo! 

  1. 2, 6,  18,  ______, ______.                What is the pattern? ___________ 
  2. 9, 18, 36, ______, ______.                What is the pattern? ___________ 
  3. 3, 9, 27,  81, ____,______.                 What is the pattern? ___________ 
  4. 5, 20, 80, 320, __, ______.                 What is the pattern? ___________ 
  5. 4, 8, 16, 32, ____, ______.                 What is the pattern? ___________ 
  6. 6, 12, 24, 48, ____ , _____.                What is the pattern? ___________ 
  7. 7, 14, 28, 56, _____, _____.               What is the pattern? ___________ 
  8. 3, 12, 48, 192, ______, ______.         What is the pattern? ___________