Positive Coping

Life as we know it is going to be different for a while and this could lead to stress and worries. Now  more than ever it is important that we think about ways that we can calm and cope during this time.

Mindfulness is one of the ways that can help us cope and calm during difficult times.
Let’s have a go at this one from Go Noodle called ‘Find Peace’


Once you have finished your mindfulness session
Watch this video the A -Z of Coping Strategies


Finding ways to calm and cope are so important and can help us stay mentally strong and grounded.

What works for you? What have you tried previously? What from the A – Z do you think would you find helpful as positive coping strategies?


Make a poster of ‘Cool Ways to Calm” that lists of at least 10 strategies that you can use to cope and calm. Draw pics to match and put this up somewhere in your house as a reminder – maybe on the fridge, or inside your bedroom door?  Be as creative as you like with your design!

Check out the attachment of 50 Coping Skills for Kids  – maybe some of these might make your list?