Learning Intention:

To learn new software in Computer Aided DesignTo explore the interface of a new program called Tynkercad

Design A Bug Habitat

Hi Grade 5,

As you know, we have been working with the Design Thinking Process, and so far we have completed Empathize, Define and Ideate. We are now ready to design a prototype, which we will hopefully 3D print when we get back to school. We are going to use online software to help us do this. So this lesson will be all about learning new software.

The online software is called Tynkercad. I have created a screencast to show you how to use this program. So click on the video attached so see my instructions.

Once you have watched the video attached, use the following class links to get to your classes Tynkercad space online. To enter, type your first name exactly as it in on the class roll but with NO capital letters. If there is another child in Grade 5 with the same first name as you, then use your last name INITIAL too (so Cooper is cooper g). Those outside Rowellyn Park will need to create their own Tinkercad space.

Grade 5 Kilfoyle

Grade McCluskey

Grade 5 Michaud

Grade 5 Smith

When you are in your class space, you will go to Learn. You will find Starters and Lessons. I would like you to explore the starters and lessons as I have instructed in the video.

This lesson we are NOT designing our bug habitats. You can simply explore Tynkercad and find out what is possible. Investigate its potential for 3D designing by playing around with the tools.

Next week we will design the Bug Habitats according to your drawings last week.

Email me through compass if you are having technical difficulty or if you have any questions.

I hope you enjoy discovering Tynkercad!