Passion Podcasting – Planning Your Podcast

This week you will be planning your own 1 to 3 minute podcast on a topic of your choice for a specific target audience. Open a Word Document. Write the heading Passion Podcast Plan.  Follow the steps below to plan your Podcast.

  1. Re-read your notes about Podcasting from last week’s video. Once you’ve done that write DONE!
  1. Choose your audience – Who is your Podcast for? For example…..
  • Junior school children,
  • parents,
  • your friends,
  •  teachers,
  • the whole school community,
  • all grade 6 children 
  1. Brainstorm at least 3 topics that interest you. Here are some ideas to help get you inspired……

cars, fashion, technology, animal welfare, global warming, engineering, skateboarding, recycling, storytelling, gardening, sports, fitness, painting, sculpting, space, virtual reality, healthy eating, keeping fit, or anything else that may interest you.

  1. . From your list, which topic do you want to create a Podcast about? Write your chosen topic down.  
  2. How you would like to present that topic. Your podcast could be in the format of a……
    • news report,
    • talk show 
    • Radio announcement
    • fictional storytelling,
    • an interview with someone in your house
    • persuasive argument

 6. Write 3 key points you could present about your topic. 
For example 3 key points for a Podcast about Make Your Own Veggie Garden would be…..

  • how to prepare the soil before planting,
  • what veggies will grow in each season
  • how do I know the veggies are ready to be picked

 7. Research your 3 key points and take notes. Use dot points so you can discuss these in your Podcast.  Next week you will begin recording your Podcast. So make sure your plans are well prepared and your research has given you enough to talk about. Don’t forget to SAVE your plans ready for next week!

Ms Sieira