Tuesday 19th MayOn Line Forum (Class Meeting through Webex)
9.30 – 10am
Morning roll/welcome

Rules/Expectations – Quick reminder about using hand to show you want to talk/answer a question, thumbs up for understanding etc

Parent/Student questions for days Literacy tasks

Learning Intention:
To identify and apply the sound to the letter l and write the letter using correct letter formation.
Success Criteria:
I can say the sound for the letter “l” and write it using correct letter formation.
*Please note some students may be sent different Phonics activities in a separate learning task

Sound pack 
Practice sound pack with video


Writing on whiteboards a-m then n-z
Practice writing l – in online meeting. Brainstorm things that begin with l.
Students are to create a lion (instructions are included)

Resources Required

Pencil, texter, scissors, glue, sticky tape, ruler, popsicle stick, coloured pencils or crayons
White board and white board marker


Learning Intention:
To identify the characters within the story.
Success Criteria:
I can identify the main characters in the story and describe what they are like.

Listen to the story Pig the Fibber

In your Home Learning Book divide one page in half by drawing a line down the middle.
On each side draw a character from the story using coloured pencils. Write/copy their name underneath.

Now tell mum or dad what each character is like. For example Pig is “mean, cheeky, silly, chubby”.
Trevor is “scared, shy, not brave”.
Use these and other words to write around each character

Resources Required

Home Learning scrapbook, grey lead, coloured pencils

Writing: NB: This is today’s submission task via compass

Learning Intention:
To recount events from a visual text and write a simple sentence about them.
Success Criteria:
I can watch Bluey and write about what happened. I can add a picture that matches my sentence.
Watch the Bluey episode ‘Hammerbarn’


After watching the episode discuss the following:
Why did Bluey get upset?
What should Bluey have done when the gnome broke?
How did Mum fix the problem?
What did Bluey and Bingo do at the end of the episode?

Now write a sentence about what you would like to buy at Hammerbarn using this sentence starter:
“I can get a…”
Write the main sounds that can be heard in each word. Remember to leave spaces and to put a full stop at the end of the sentence.
Finish this work by drawing a picture of Bluey and Bingo at Hammerbarn.

Resources Required

Home Learning scrapbook, grey lead, coloured pencilsLearning Break 11am – 11.30am  (Recess Break)On Line Forum (Class Meeting through Webex)
11.30am – 12pm

Focus: Clarify any questions from parents/children about daily learning tasks.


Learning Intention:  
To establish an understanding of the language and processes of counting by naming numbers in sequences, initially to and from 20, moving from any starting point.
Success Criteria:
I can order numbers from 1 to 20.

Watch Ms Frizell’s counting video https://youtu.be/dAAWq9ae06s

Number Sequencing
Let’s Count 1-20
Students are to cut out the numerals in the bottom table. They are to paste them in the correct order in the blank table above.

Please draw the above grid and allow your child to write the numbers 1-20.

Resources Required

100 number chart, pencil, caterpillar worksheet, glue stick, Home Learning Book

Learning Break 12.45pm – 1.45pm  (Lunch break)

Specialist: Indonesian
NB: Specialist learning tasks will be assigned separately.  
Please note: The timetable outlined is just an example for students to follow at home. We understand that all families daily schedule will differ depending on individual circumstances.