Wednesday 13th MayOn Line Forum (Class Meeting through Webex)
9.30 – 10am
Morning roll/welcome

Rules/Expectations – Quick reminder about using hand to show you want to talk/answer a question, thumbs up for understanding etc

Parent/Student questions for days Literacy tasks

Phonics – Letter “g”

Learning Intention:
To identify and apply the sound to the letter g and write the letter using correct letter formation.
Success Criteria:
I can say the sound for the letter “g” and write it using correct letter formation.
*Please note some students may be sent different Phonics activities in a separate learning task

Sound pack 
Practice sound pack with video
Writing on whiteboards a-m then n-z
Practice writing g – in online meeting
Students complete Rainbow writing “g” handout (found in literacy learning pack and attached to compass learning task). Students use 5 different colours to practice letter formation for the letter g. Name images beginning with “g” on handout and colour pictures in.

Resources Required

Paper, rainbow writing “g”

Learning Intention:
To recognise, read and write simple high frequency/irregular words

Success Criteria:  
I can read simple high frequency/irregular words.


Watch the following word list videos (NB: There are two videos one for heart words and one for list 1 irregular words. Students can practice one chosen list). Students should read the word aloud as each word appears on their screen then complete one of the below activities.

Heart words:

Irregular words set 1:

(if you have been given a different list by your teacher, then complete the activities with those words).

1. Sight word memory – write each word on a separate piece of card/paper (you will need 2 of each word). Place the cards face down on the table. Take turns to turn over 2 cards. Read the word on the card aloud. If they match, you can keep the cards. If they don’t, turn them back over and it’s the next person’s turn. The person with the most pairs at the end wins.

2.Using the same set of cards as you made in activity 1., play a game of sight word Go Fish.

3. Practice writing the words in your playdough. Roll the playdough out flat, and use a pencil or chopstick to write on the playdough.

Resources Required

Sight words, paper, pencil, playdoughWriting

Learning Intention:
To practise correct letter formation for lowercase letters.

Success Criteria:
I can write lowercase letters using correct letter formation.

Use laminated handwriting sheet from Home Learning Bag to reinforce correct letter formation and directionality.  Focus on correct posture when writing, I.e., feet on floor, straight back, chair in, non – writing hand holds the whiteboard and correct texta/pencil grip.

Continue to practise letter formations by completing any of the following activities.

  1. Write letters using chalk outside or paintbrushes dipped in water.
  2. Write letters using your “magic writing finger” on the back of mum or dad and get them to guess what letter you have written.  Swap over.
  3. Choose an alphabet letter and have a race to see who can make it out of playdoh first.
  4. Use cooked and cooled spaghetti and mould it into correct letter shapes.

Use vegetable oil to prevent it from getting too sticky.

Resources Required

Laminated alphabet sheet, whiteboard marker, duster, chalk, cooking saucepan, vegetable oil

Learning Break 11am – 11.30am  (Recess Break)

On Line Forum (Class Meeting through Webex)
11.30am – 12pm

Focus: Clarify any questions from parents/children about daily learning tasks.

Numeracy: NB: This will be today’s learning task

Learning Intention:  
To establish an understanding of the language and processes of counting by naming numbers in sequences, initially to and from 20, moving from any starting point.

Success Criteria:
I can order numbers from 1 to 20.

Watch Ms Frizell’s counting video

Number Patterns 1-20
Students are to write the missing numbers on the blank whiteboards. Remember you can use the 100’s chart in your Home Learning bag to help you

Resources Required

Number patterns handout
(in literacy learning pack/attached to compass learning task

Learning Break 12.45pm – 1.45pm  (Lunch break)

Specialist: Physical Education
NB: Specialist activities will be in a separate learning task

Please note: The timetable outlined is just an example for students to follow at home. We understand that all families daily schedule will differ depending on individual circumstances.