Draw a Miro!
Hello Parents carers and students!
I hope you enjoyed learning about Kandinsky last week. I have enjoyed looking at all the different colourful circles you created using torn paper! Very creative bunch! Imagine how amazing they would look if we put everyone’s up on one wall!

I have something extra fun for you this week! It’s kind of like a game!
Have a look at the resources / clips I have supplied.
The game is called Draw a Miro! You are going to create your own Miro inspired drawing or painting by playing a fun game! Miro loved to create artworks using symbols. attached is a grid of symbols. all you do is roll the dice and draw the symbol that correlates with the number rolled. Eventually you will have a picture ! Don’t worry there are lots of examples below. Here a some from previous years work

For this week you will need

  • A dice
  • A piece of paper
  • Texters, pencils, oil pastels or paint! You can use anything you have lying around the house just make it nice and bright!

Who was Joan Miro? 
Joan Miro was a famous painter, drawer and sculptor who loved to create magical images. He loved to use symbols in his work and often painted in a surrealistic way. Surrealism is a type of art where it is not realistic and a bit dreamlike! 

Here is a clip about Joan Miro that shows some of his work and there is more information about him in an attached power point.

Here are two fun animation clips of some of his work I thought you might like!

Now I want you to have some creative fun and play the game, Roll A Miro!

Below is a video showing how to play and attached is a grid of symbols for you to use as well as more information about Joan Miro.

How to play the game


You might make a few different ones and create a big picture of Miro inspired symbols ,or you might like to just make one. It’s up to you!

Your grid of symbols is attached. All you have to do is roll a dice and pick the symbols form the grid ! 

Maybe have a go at creating your own Miro grid of symbols to use?  Play with a family member if you like!

This week I have also attached a Miro colouring page for fun! You don’t have to complete it of course. Just some additional art fun to keep you from the TV if you want it!

I look forward to seeing your Miro inspired drawings and hope you have a great week!

Stay safe, have fun!