What are the Term 4 start and dismissal times?

All Prep to Year 6 students have returned to school for normal classes.

Prep to Year 6 – school commences at 9:00 am

Prep  – dismissal will be at 3:00 pm
Prep students will be dismissed at 3:00 pm unless they attend after school care or parents specifically inform the teacher that they need to remain until 3:15 pm.  Preps with siblings in Grades 1 – 6 will be dismissed at 3:15pm.

Grades 1 – 6 – dismissal will be at 3:15 pm
Grade 1 to 6 students will be dismissed at 3:15 pm.

What about drop off and pick up for Prep students?

We will be opening the Banyan Centre for students to enter the common areas from 8.45 am.  There will be sufficient staff to supervise all students until 9.00 am. All prep teachers will meet their children at 9.00 am in the open space of the Banyan Centre.

Those parents who usually drop off their children and go can and should continue to do so at any gate.  They should tell their child to head to the Banyan Centre, where they will be welcomed between 8.45 am and 9.00 am.

If a prep child has an older sibling at the school, we encourage parents to drop them off at any gate and have the older sibling walk the prep student to the Banyan Centre.

All other parents should drop off their prep students at the top Tattler Street gate closest to the Banyan Centre.  From there parents can sight their child walk into the Banyan Centre.

During the first week back a number of our Education Support staff, along with all our Prep teachers and some of our Principal class, will be visually present in and around the Banyan Centre to help welcome back students.

There will be markings all along the Tattler Street and Rowellyn Avenue footpath to indicate appropriate social distancing for parents as they wait to pick up their children after school.

Prep students without siblings already at School will be dismissed at 3:00pm, all other Prep students with siblings in Grades 1-6 will be dismissed at 3:15pm.

Those parents who are confident their child is able to meet them at a designated location and are happy for them to be dismissed at 3.00 pm without being sighted, will need to e-mail their child’s teacher to let them know of the arrangement.

Equally, if a parent is happy for an older sibling to collect their prep child, please inform the teacher of this arrangement.

For all other parents:

  • From 3.00 pm Prep Hands, Powell and Bennett will be dismissed from the Tattler Street side of the building, closest to the top Tattler street gate. Each class will come outside one class at a time.  Students will be dismissed though the gate to parents who can be sighted.  After 1-2 minutes, remaining students will head back inside and the next class will come outside.  Students and teachers can actually view the pathway from inside the building, so if a parent arrives after the class has already been dismissed, they will be able to see them and will be dismissed straight away.
  • From 3.00 pm Prep Frizell, Keating and Walton/Heffernan will be dismissed from the main gate on Rowellyn Avenue. Students will be dismissed through the gate to parents who can be sighted.  The best place to be sighted will be along the Rowellyn Avenue pathway between the main gate and the round-a-bout.  On occasions that it is raining, the prep staff and students will only be at the main gate from 3.00 to 3.05pm.  After that time any students still needing to be picked up will go back to the Banyan Centre and wait to sight the parents at the top Tattler Street gate.
What is the drop-off procedure for before school care?

The OHSC drop-off and pick-up procedures are separate to the School procedures.

Those using the service should continue to follow the OHSC sign in and out procedures already established (with sign-in hygiene in place).  These procedures are still appropriate due to the very staggered nature of drop-off and pick-up times.

My child is particularly anxious about returning to school, is there someone who can help?

Please contact our well-being teacher Karen White so she can assist to put a plan together for their return to school.

What are the face mask requirements?

As of Thursday, 23 July masks will be required as follows (if you already have a mask you should be using it as follows immediately – not waiting until Thursday):

For Students –

The following information has been provided by the Department:

  • Students who attend primary school for on-site supervision will not be required to wear a face covering. Students who are aged 12 by Year 6 will not be required to wear face coverings. The Victorian Chief Health Officer has advised that it is not practical to require some primary school students to wear face coverings while others are not required to.

For Parents –

In relation to the school, a mask must be worn at all times.

  • If you have a reason to exit your vehicle, you must be wearing a mask.
  • The only parents entering the school grounds are doing so via the Rowellyn Avenue main gate and are attending the front office. Parents not wearing a mask will not be permitted to enter the front office.

For Staff –

Staff attending onsite will be required to wear a mask.

The guide to when a mask is required is – if you are moving around you need to be wearing a mask.

Examples of when a mask is required, include but are not limited to:

  • Getting out of your car and walking to a location in the school
  • Yard duty
  • Visiting anyone’s office space including the front office
  • Temperature testing in the morning
  • Entering the staff room for any reason

The exemptions are:

  • When you are teaching (You are still welcome to wear a mask if you choose)
  • If you are working by yourself (You are still welcome to wear a mask if you choose)
  • When eating in the staff room (though the mask must be worn when entering staff room and remain on until you are ready to eat)

For School Crossing Supervisors:

  • While face masks are being worn, whistles cannot be blown
  • All Supervisors have been instructed to say in a loud and clear voice either WALK or SAFE TO WALK/CROSS

The Department of Health and Human Services website has advice about face coverings, including:

  • different types that can be used
  • how to make your own
  • how to safely wear
  • how to safely remove
What additional hygiene measures have been put in place?
  • All unwell staff and children must stay home.
  • Any unwell children attending school will be sent home.
  • Before entering the classroom each day, every staff member and student will be temperature tested using non-contact thermometers. This includes staff and students in attendance at the before school care program. Staff or students with a temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher will be sent home until well again.
  • Frequent practice of hand hygiene and washing throughout the day (including on arrival to school and before and after meals, before and after using playground equipment).
  • Appropriate cough and sneeze etiquette to be used at all times.
  • Drinking fountains will not be in use. Students are to bring and use their own drink bottle.
  • All parents are to supply their children with their own hand towel and, if desired, their own hand sanitiser.
  • Hand soap dispensers are installed in every classroom with a sink, which are to be filled, if required, on a daily basis.
  • Progressive cleaning throughout the day of all high-touch points and other surfaces (i.e door handles, flat surfaces, seats, sinks and basins).
  • Recess and lunch breaks will be staggered.
  • Staff meetings will be conducted via Webex Meetings to ensure the staff room is not overcrowded.
  • All staff will wear face masks except when teaching (although they may wear a mask).
When will the canteen be open?

Canteen will accept online lunch orders only  There will be no cash sales accepted until further notice.

Canteen will not be available on Monday, 2nd November (day prior to Melbourne Cup Day holiday).

An online lunch order can be placed using the Qkr! app.  See the: How to guide to canteen ordering using Qkr!

Who do I inform if I have been in contact with COVID-19?

The Principal needs to be informed immediately if you are currently in one of the following categories or find yourself in one of the following categories:

  • You are a confirmed case of COVID-19
  • You are a close contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19

‘Close contact’ is defined by DHHS as someone who has had at least 15 minutes of face-to-face contact with a confirmed case, or shared a closed space with someone for more than two hours with a confirmed case.

Based on advice from DHHS, when there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 among a student or staff member, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer will recommend an affected school’s closure for an initial 24hrs.  If this occurs, DHHS will work with DET and staff and students will be advised to stay home and self-isolate. This closure will support school and health officials to work through a contact and containment strategy, including decisions about extending the closure period.

Contact the School Principal, Caleb Peterson on 03 9782 0953 immediately.

How can I get help with technical issues?

If you need technical support, we have developed a knowledge base and support platform to assist you.  Visit  https://rowellynpark.freshdesk.com/support/home

What if my child needs help opening a packet?

Staff will not be able to assist students open packets of food or drink.  Please make sure you either pre-open the packet or consider sending foods that your child is able to open themselves.

My child is unwell, but I have to go to work. Can they still come to school?

In short – No.

If your child is unwell, for example, if they have a cough, cold, runny nose, flu-like symptoms, or a fever (temperature of 37.5 or above), they must be kept home until well again.  If a student presents or develops any of these symptoms whilst at school they will be sent home.

What social distancing rules apply for students?
  • No hand-shaking, high-fives, fist bumps, hugging or other physical contact
  • Recess and lunch breaks will be staggered
  • the Department has advised that physical distancing measures have been eased

Further details will be provided shortly once the Department releases more information.

What social distancing rules apply at school for Parents?

When dropping your child off and picking them up, you must not enter the school grounds or congregate around the school grounds.

You must wear a face mask and maintain a distance of 1.5 meters from all other parents, children and teachers and make the process of picking up and dropping off as quickly as possible.

You may only enter the school grounds if it is absolutely essential and must register your attendance at the front office.  Parents accessing the office must wear a face mask and only use the front gate via Rowellyn Avenue, closest to the office.

If you do have to be on-site, you must minimise your time and practice social distancing.

Can playground equipment be used?

Yes, playground equipment can be used. However, students are required to practise hand hygiene before and after use. Playground equipment will be wiped down as part of the enhanced cleaning program.