Teaching and Learning @ Rowellyn

A caring community, where learning is everywhere, opportunities are varied and character is developed.

Assessment and Reporting

We use ongoing reporting to keep parents up to date on their child’s academic development periodically each term with a summary report published at the end of each semester.

Professional Learning Communities

Our teachers work collaboratively to plan and deliver a high quality curriculum that focuses on individual student achievement.


Central to a student’s development is the inclusion of a range of student wellbeing programs to help develop the character of each student.

Specialist Program

Students participate in a variety of opportunities to develop skills in Visual Art, Performing Art, Physical Education, STEAM and Indonesian.


Foundation students at Rowellyn Park are immersed in opportunities to develop relationships wth their teachers and peers, creating a strong foundation for academic development.

Year One

Year One students develop their foundational skills in Literacy and Numeracy.

Year Two

Year Two students

Year Three

Year Three

Year Four

Year Four

Year Five

Year Five

Year Six

Year Six students prepare for Secondary School, further personalising their learning and reaching their individual potential.  Opportunities include interschool sport and an annual camping program.