Thursday 30th April
On Line Forum (Class Meeting through Webex)
9.30 – 10am
Morning roll/welcome
Rules/Expectations – Quick reminder about using hand to show you want to talk/answer a question, thumbs up for understanding etc
Parent/Student questions for days Literacy tasks

Learning Intention:
To identify and apply the sound to the letter t and write the letter using correct letter formation.
Success Criteria:
I can say the sound for the letter “b” and write it using correct letter formation.
Sound pack
Practice sound pack with video
Writing on whiteboards a-m then n-z
Practice writing t in online meeting
Students complete craft Rainbow Writing Bear Puppet  

Resources Required
Grey lead, coloured pencils,
Rainbow Writing Bear Puppet craft activity from Literacy Learning pack
Writing – NB: This will be today’s submission task. We encourage that your child attempts the writing element of this task as independently as possible to allow teachers a good understanding of their progress. Thank you
Learning Intention:
To write simple sentences about familiar events.
Success Criteria:
I can write simple sentences about familiar things.
Scavenger Hunt
Go outside into your garden, on a walk with your family or look around your house/bedroom. Find 5 interesting things and write a sentence about them.
e.g. I found a smooth stone.
I found a butterfly.
I found a fluffy teddy.
Draw a picture of the things you found, or make a collection of them.

Resources Required
Pencil and paper/home learning bag scrapbook
Learning Intention:
To identify the characters within the story.
Success Criteria:
I can name some characters in the story and give reason for my favourite character.
Listen to the same story you listened to yesterday (Wednesday). “Who are the characters in the story?” “Why did . . . feel sad/angry/happy?” “How would you feel if that happened to you?
Week 3 Brian the Smelly Bear
Draw your favourite character in the story in your Homework Book in your Home Learning Bag. Remember to write the date & story title. Ask your parent to scribe (write) why it was your favourite character.

Resources Required
Grey lead, coloured pencils, paper or home learning scrapbook
Learning Break 11am – 11.30am  (Recess Break)
On Line Forum (Class Meeting through Webex)
11.30am – 12pm
Focus: Clarify any questions from parents/children about daily learning tasks.


Learning Intention:
To show an understanding of simple location words.
Success Criteria:
I can give simple directions.
I can use simple location
Watch youtube clip of Mrs Keating discussing location words
Play game on IXL website
Students complete the Where is the Chick? location book.

Resources Required

Where is the Chick? location book (Numeracy pack/compass attachment), pencil, scissors
Learning Break 12.45pm – 1.45pm  (Lunch break)
Specialist: Visual Arts
NB: Specialist teachers will send a separate learning task  

Please note: The timetable outlined is just an example for students to follow at home. We understand that all families daily schedule will differ depending on individual circumstances.