Foundation Daily Learning Tasks

Tuesday 28th April
On Line Forum (Class Meeting through Webex)
9.30 – 10am
Morning roll/welcome
Rules/Expectations – Quick reminder about using hand to show you want to talk/answer a question, thumbs up for understanding etc
Parent/Student questions for days Literacy tasks
Teacher modelling writing letter “t”

Learning Intention:
To identify and apply the sound to the letter t and write the letter using correct letter formation.
Success Criteria:
I can say the sound for the letter “t” and write it using correct letter formation.
Sound pack
Practice sound pack with video
Writing on whiteboards a-m then n-z
Practice writing t in online meeting
Students complete craft activity – tiger (in the Literacy handout pack)

Resources Required
Grey lead, coloured pencils, “t” Tiger Craft from Literacy Learning pack
Learning Intention:
To write a simple sentence using correct punctuation.
Success Criteria: I can write a simple sentence and attempt to read back my sentence.
Watch Mrs Walton’s Happy face directed drawing at this link
After drawing your happy face have a think about a time when you have felt happy or an activity that makes you feel happy.
Attempt to complete this sentence starter… “I feel happy when…” (e.g. I feel happy when I play outside)

Resources Required
coloured pencils, grey lead, homework scrapbook
Reading – NB: This will be today’s submission task via compass
Learning Intention:
To identify a favourite part of the story
Success Criteria:
I can remember, identify and discuss a favourite part of the story.
Listen to the same story you listened to yesterday (Monday)
Week 3 Brian the Smelly Bear –
Discuss and then draw your favourite part of the story on the next page of your Homework Book using your coloured pencils. Make sure that you try to add lots of detail.

Resources Required
Grey lead, coloured pencils, paper or home learning scrapbook
Learning Break 11am – 11.30am  (Recess Break)
On Line Forum (Class Meeting through Webex)
11.30am – 12pm
Focus: Clarify any questions from parents/children about daily learning tasks.

Learning Intention: 
To represent practical situations to model addition
Success Criteria:
I can add collections to 10 using objects
Watch Mrs Keating’s addition video
Flower Gardens
Students play the flower gardens game with a family member. 
They need to roll 2 dice and add the numbers together and either colour the matching flower in or place an object on the flower that matches the number they rolled.
E.g. if you roll 4 on one dice and 3 on the other dice add them together, so 4 + 3 = 7
Cover the flower with number 7 on it.

Resources Required

Flower Gardens game handout from Numeracy Learning Pack, dice, home learning scrapbook
Learning Break 12.45pm – 1.45pm  (Lunch break)
Specialist: Indonesian
NB: Specialist teachers will send a separate learning task  

Please note: The timetable outlined is just an example for students to follow at home. We understand that all families daily schedule will differ depending on individual circumstances.