Wednesday 29th April
On Line Forum (Class Meeting through Webex)
9.30 – 10am
Morning roll/welcome
Rules/Expectations – Quick reminder about using hand to show you want to talk/answer a question, thumbs up for understanding etc
Parent/Student questions for days Literacy tasks
Teacher modelling writing letter “Bb”

Learning Intention:
To identify and apply the sound to the letter Bb and write the letter using correct letter formation.
Success Criteria:
I can say the sound for the letter “Bb” and write it using correct letter formation.
Sound pack
Practice sound pack with video
Writing on whiteboards a-m then n-z
Practice writing b – in online meeting
Students complete  Rainbow Writing B handout (found in literacy learning pack – see image below). Students use 5 different colours to practice letter formation for the letter b. Name images beginning with “b” on handout and colour pictures in.
Resources Required
Grey lead, coloured pencils, “b” Rainbow Writing B from Literacy Learning pack
Learning Intention:
To practise correct letter formation for lowercase letters.
Success Criteria:
I can write lowercase letters using correct letter formation.
Watch Handwriting Letter Formation Powerpoint . Listen to directions for each letter (a-z) and practice following the slide instructions writing on whiteboards. NB: If students are unable to access powerpoint please use laminated handwriting sheet from home learning bag to ensure correct letter formation.
Students can continue to practice their letter formation with any of the following activities:”Paint” letters on fence/wall/ground outside using water and a paintbrush. Write letters using chalk. Make letters with playdough.
Resources Required
coloured pencils, grey lead, homework scrapbook and dependent on activity choice: paintbrush, chalk, playdough, whiteboard
Learning Intention:
To identify the setting within the story.
Success Criteria:
I can name the setting in the story and draw that setting, e.g. cottage, beach, forest
Listen to the same story you listened to yesterday (Tuesday). “What is the setting for the story?”
Week 3 Brian the Smelly Bear
Name the features of that setting.
Draw the setting of the story in your Homework Book in your Home Learning Bag. Remember to write the date & story title. Ask your parent to scribe (write) what the features of the setting are/ or label the features.

Resources Required
Grey lead, coloured pencils, paper or home learning scrapbook
Learning Break 11am – 11.30am  (Recess Break)
On Line Forum (Class Meeting through Webex)
11.30am – 12pm
Focus: Clarify any questions from parents/children about daily learning tasks.

Numeracy – NB: This is a submission activity for today please take a photo of students whiteboard work
Learning Intention: 
To represent practical situations to model addition
Success Criteria:
I can add collections to 10 using objects
Watch the below video for an explanation of the activity.
Students roll a dice and draw that many circles on their white board, roll the dice again and then create a 2nd group of circles representing the number rolled, they then add the two groups of circles together.

Resources Required
Whiteboard, dice, home learning scrapbook
Learning Break 12.45pm – 1.45pm  (Lunch break)
Specialist: Physical Education
NB: Specialist teachers will send a separate learning task  

Please note: The timetable outlined is just an example for students to follow at home. We understand that all families daily schedule will differ depending on individual circumstances.