Hello Foundation to Grade 2 students and welcome back to PE with Mr Roberts and Mr M!

AT HOME: This week we want you to dress up in your FAVOURITE SPORTS OUTFIT!
AT SCHOOL: If you would like, take your favourite sports top and take it to school, during your PE hour you can take it out of your bag and wear it!

Week 3 Focus – Bouncing

Mr Roberts and Mr M have created a video below for you to watch with activities you can practice throughout the week by yourself or with a partner. 

We have also added documents with teaching cues and information on each activity and some extra activities. We will also attached this weeks Fun Food Fact 4 for you to answer!

1. Warm up activity 

2. Main Lesson

These activities can be done by yourself or with a partner. You can look at the following resources for explanations or replay the video below to help. Most of all HAVE FUN! Week 3 Bouncing Activities,

At School – If you are at school these activities need to be completed on your own, you can modify partner work by using a wall which will allow the ball to return back to you. If you can think of something more creative then go for it!

** If you would like to send a photo of yourself dressed up in your sports gear we are sure your teachers would love it!

Parents its up to you if you would like to send a photo of your child, if not that’s completely fine.